Blossoming Into The New Year ENERGY

Blossoming Into The New Year ENERGY

Megan Mulligan
January 5, 2018    

It’s a new year. Time to channel a bright and fresh perspective. An opportunity to make shifts, internally, that manifest into our outward reality.

A time when we can plant seeds that blossom into patience, wisdom, joy, and grace, or any of the specific gifts that support your heart’s greatest good. A time when the fresh energy of the new year can serve as the fertilizer for your soul’s growth, if we work with it.

And while the new year presents a bountiful and graceful time, if you’re wired like me, it can also feel like a certain amount of external pressure to find purpose or vision for an upcoming year. Admittedly, we live in a world that’s revolving and evolving with so many strong astrological forces at play. And it’s a pretty intense time to be alive, if you ask me.

So, with these energies at play and a new year beckoning our personal arrival, how does one relax into the vibe and let the energy work with us, instead of our being worked by it? And how do we take the work out of being alive and release the perceived pressures anyway?

For me, the answers are woven inside a delicate energetic space where patience, perspective, and wisdom play. Together, they gracefully unfold into a beautiful energetic sphere of life that you could call our soul’s playground. Where the lens of maturity eyeballs the new year as a place to learn and grow, rather than a pressured space to run and hide from.

The wise eyes, you see, will identify the opportunity to grow and also go with the flow. In short, to surrender.

How did the holiday season treat you this year? How did you treat yourself during it? It’s okay to look back even though we’ve sprung forward. This self-exploration may shed light on opportunities where the energy of the season sort of swept you into a tumbleweed form.

Rather than staying rooted into your own inner energetic source, you may have fallen into the human condition of the collective consciousness that takes the shape of time crunch, energy exhaustion, and perhaps monetary greed, to name a few. It’s no problem and not a criticism. Rather, see this as a space to learn. Feel the energies that were present, so moving into the new year, you can play a different hand.

And now that we’ve wisely looked back to identify our patterns, we can use this experience to project into the new year our new intentions. To energetically choose how we participate with the earth’s new revolution. Taking the pressure off ourselves, and balancing it with the universal supports of guidance and love to see where our hearts are guided.

In other words, this new year is a freewill opportunity to engage with the earth’s dynamics. Where you get to decide how you are going to participate in a way that serves your highest good. There doesn’t have to be so much pressure and hype to “do it right” or “set the right intention.” Simply holding the space for growth that is in line with your soul’s mission will support your year in a healthy and beneficial way.

Look inside your soul, to see what serves your highest good, for answers and direction. For me, I’m aware that service feeds my soul. Without my really planning anything, I was suddenly signed up for service group orientations and reaching out to folks seeking spaces to help. Helping others is a part of who I am.

Honoring that space and balancing it with the realities of money-making, self-care, and all the other ingredients that apply to this being human, is a part of my simple 2018 mission.

It’s all a dance in this show called life. And as Shakespeare said, we are merely the actors. Each day we are learning how to put one foot in front of the other while the greatest Creator maps the course. And in your unique dance, remember that the energies of the new year are gently sweeping you along, creating the pace and tempo from which to tap, ballet, or cha-cha. Simply follow the rhythm of your soul and you’ll find yourself there.


Megan Mulligan

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