You Are A Timeless Creation

You Are A Timeless Creation

timeRaphael Awen
January 5, 2018


News Flash: 1 percent of the New Year has gone by already, as of this minute, 3:36 pm local time, today, January 4th.

We speak of making time, spending time, wasting time, killing time, doing time, bending time, and on and on the list goes.

Time is something made up by us, being the creators we are. That we, as individual and collective consciousness, can do whatever we want with it, however we want, is my deepening suspicion and curiosity.

We tend to like to stack it up linearly, into ‘past, present and future’ as that seems to serve a mutually agreed upon need that we have to relate to time. We needed something to blame for a while until we are ready to step into the next place of our soul bigness.

I don’t have the time. I’m not young anymore. Time is money and money is time. Time marches on.

When we get some space from this need to play victim to time, we feel how consciousness itself is projecting itself into the perception of time, albeit by our choice and willingness to participate in it, even if it isn’t a conscious choice on our part.

Consciousness, however, can just as easily step outside of time, as consciousness itself exists outside of time. It can do time, or not do time.
Instead of managing time, planning your time, and using time, why not take an imaginary step outside of time, where your soul dwells and resonates? You can access all time possibilities from this place.

You are a timeless creation, playing with the concept of time for soul reasons, with all the seriousness of a child at play. Take your time.
Happy New Year everyone, and now, on with the other 99%… 🙂

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