Twin Flames – the Energetic Dance (II)

Twin Flames – Embodying the Energetic Dance

(1st part here)

by Vera
Jan 7, 2018

The Running and the Chasing

In many cases, the more spiritual feminine is more earthly masculine, and the more spiritual masculine is more earthly feminine. That also explains the very common running and chasing dynamics that often take place between twin flames. While the spiritual feminine aches to be with the other person, her strong immature earthly masculine desperately wants to make it happen and fights for it (chasing). She is not (yet) able to stay focused on her own process (deficit of spiritual masculine energy) and has no patience to let things develop in their natural way (deficit of earthly feminine energy).

The running on the other hand is a very feminine fear reaction of the immature earthly feminine (flight or freeze response), getting into a place of not having to take action, but rather distract oneself by focusing on other projects (spiritual masculine), to not have to deal with all the possibilities with regards to the twin connection.

Only when we have all of these parts back ina healthy balance within, and the individuals are able to navigate the process of creation from a place of love on their own, they are ready to enter the new phase of co-creation. Then it becomes a sharing and amplification of powerful individual energies, instead of pulling and sucking the energy of the partner and vice versa. Only when the formerly stronger spiritual feminine has found this inner balance, she has reached a state energetically, where she no longer needs to suck the energy of her partner, and therefore, she no longer provides energy to her counterpart anymore either. The vicious cycle of sucking energy from each other is broken through. And that is the point when the masculine counterpart starts feeling the void and is pushed into his own process of awakening. Only when the energy he was passively sucking from the counterpart is no longer available, he is forced to wake up and find his way to create this energy on his own. His world will fall apart, he will feel exhausted, incomplete and empty because of the missing energy. It will become so uncomfortable that he will search for an answer and a solution to find their inner balance as well.

Female and Male Characteristics 

So how can I tell whether I am balanced or not in the different parts? Here is a little overview on the balanced and imbalanced characteristics of the masculine and feminine traits so you can see for yourself where you stand in your own process.

  General Excess Energy Balanced Energy Insufficient Energy
Spiritual feminine ·  Translated through the heart

·  Flow

·  Love

·  Possibilities

·  Abstract

·  Chaos

·  Scanning

·  Martyrdom

·  Neediness

·  Spacey

·  Intuition

·  Compassion

·  Contemplating

·  Introspection

·  Overthinking

·  Nervous

·  Scattered

Spiritual Masculine ·  Translated through the Crown

·  Consciousness

·  Light

·  Focus

·  Analytical

·  Concrete

·  Structuring

·  Choice

·  Controlling

·  Rigid ideas

·  Anxiety

·  Forcing

·  Focus

·  Commitment

·  Methodical

·  Direction

·  Fearful

·  Withdrawn

·  Unaware

·  Lost


Earthly feminine ·  Embodied through the right brain

·  Being

·  Allowing

·  Surrender

·  Creativity

·  Dedication

·  Confusion

·  Depression

·  Fleeing/


·  Patience

·  Receptivity

·  Nurturing


·  Rigid

·  Cold

·  Dry


Earthly masculine ·  Embodied through the left brain

·  Doing

·  Striving

·  Action

·  Creation

·  Distant

·  Protective

·  Fighting

·  Aggression


·  Forward going

·  Organizing

·  Assertive

·  Giving

·  Valor

·  Hopeless

·  Sleepy

·  Stagnant

·  Stuck


When we are able to create all of the feminine and masculine traits in the “Balance” column for ourselves, we have reached a state of inner wholeness.

That also requires that all of our fear and belief patterns have shifted, which I have written about in many of my blogs, so I will not repeat it here. At this point, we have integrated our ego, our heart center is open full time and inspires anyone coming into our field, no matter in which dimension we are, we hold our frequency. Our mind has shifted into parallel mode and linear time is no longer existent. Our physical body has released all lower dimensional patterns from the cellular memory. We are fully anchored in the fifth dimension.

Thus, the balancing and shifting for powerful embodiment takes place on different levels: Each energy center (former chakras), each body (mental, emotional, physical) and earthly / spiritually. As said, the experiences differ widely depending on the individual energetic mixes and splits.

So what does that mean for our twin flame experience? It means that anything is possible. In a world without conditions and expectations, we are taking it as is and are enjoying every single bit of it, seeing the purpose of it all, even when we have a shitty day, week or month. Our divine counterpart will always be in our heart, and all we can feel is love and gratitude for them, for being our best trigger, teacher and partner to support us in reaching this state of independence. Once we don’t need them anymore, once we do not feel the longing anymore, we know that we have shifted for good and are holding our balance and embodying the higher fifth dimensional frequencies on our own. As long as there is a longing and missing, we are trying to pull energy from our counterpart, instead of creating the energy for ourselves. Getting out of the energetic comfort zone and training those parts of us where we are not balanced is key. This will step by step bring you back into the place where magic is a daily business and everything happens effortlessly.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg

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