Free Yourself …

Free Yourself …


1 Februarie 2018

*** I do apologize to all my English speaking readers for my mistake of posting initially this post in a wrong way. ❤ ❤ ***

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” Kahlil Gibran

Look at or imagine a tree full of leaves and you will see that there are not two identical leaves, even if they were born of the same branch. They do not appear all at once, and they do not die all at once. They are smaller and larger, more or less brilliant, but they all look for light and the heat of the sun. Moreover, they do not harm each other, on the contrary, they all live on the same trunk and help the tree to grow from year to year. 

We, as people, learn to compare and judge from early ages – to compare and judge ourselves and each other that we are big and small, good and bad, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly individuals.

Physically speaking, we are big and small, tall and short, but this is part of the beauty of the diversity of Creation.

Rich and poor – we are all rich. First and foremost through our existence in this life, then by the capabilities we have and can use if we will want to discover them. Everyone is born rich, and true wealth is not money, but what everybody has, beauty of his soul.

Beautiful and ugly – who can say what is beautiful and what is ugly? Who set the standard of beauty? What one sees nice, another can see that it’s ugly because the perception is different. The attraction towards beauty / ugliness is due to the energy we emanate from ourselves and to the resonance we have with those people. If we feel ugly, it is what the others will see. If we see ourselves beautiful, we will be seen in that way. Everything’s going inside. But as Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “People are not prisoners of destiny, but only prisoners of their own mind.”

Good and bad – all people are good, but the experiences they have had and the way they have learned to use them make them bad. Moreover, they are so frustrated that they feel well when doing what they want, hurting others around them. It’s the way they lived and know it. It does not mean they are bad.

What can you do to free yourself from judging?

Do not compare to someone else

Do not compare to anyone because nobody is you and you are not nobody. When you compare to someone else, you feel small, poor, ugly, that you are not as good. as others are. Look in the mirror whenever you can and see yourself as you are – a being like any other but at the same time completely different. To see that no matter how you look, you are a beautiful being capable of doing well, of loving and of being loved. You are unique in your own way as each being is unique.

Forgive yourself when you do not rise to your expectations

When you do not rise to your expectations, it’s because you still need to learn lessons, not because you’re stupid, ugly or poor. You can cry when you fall, if you will feel the need. It is not a shame to cry. No one was born master, we all learn, so learn the lessons from your mistakes, get up and move on. Life knows one way – ahead. Nobody experiments more experiences than how much they need to learn their lessons to become what is – love.

Take action

If intuition will tell you that something is not what it should be like, listen to it and take the attitude. If you are bothered to have the trees cut, take attitude where you see that, and plant others where you can. The soul does not urge you to ever hurt yourself or others.

Seek good and beauty in men and in what they do

No one is better or worse. Everybody has his own reasons for doing what he does. Everyone has his life experience that brought him where he is. No one can do what you do or at least not how you do that, because everyone has his own abilities.

Any beautiful word of encouragement helps anyone to do better what they do. Show your gratitude for man’s work and his contribution to the world we live in. Seek to see that what he does is something you do not do because you do not know how to do or do not like to do.

Words as thank you, please and forgive me are words that offer warm and beautiful energy and can change the world around you when you give it sincerely.

Give a helping hand

Help the one next to you when he asks for help, or you feel he needs and do not laugh if he makes mistakes, because he does not make it for he is “stupid”. He does it because he has not yet learned how to do that thing

We have been taught to see that we are tall, short, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, and the are person’s clothes. Remove those clothes, see that we are all human beings, created in the same way, and our differences give beauty to humanity.

Moreover, “Never judge someone by the way he looks or a book by the way it’s covered; for inside those tattered pages, there’s a lot to be discovered” (Stephen Cosgrove)

Every being has his own value.

Each of us is a leaf writing his own lines in the poem of humanity – the tree of life. Write the most beautiful lines you can!




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