The Sacred Wound of the Feminine

The Sacred Wound of the Feminine Can Only be Felt

Natalie Sophia 
February 28, 2018

This sacred wound of the feminine just might be the final lashing to her name. She has withstood your lies, deceit, betrayal and hurtful actions for too long.

She has been burned at the stake, beheaded, cut off from divinity, and struck down because of her capacity to love.
And though she still loves, she’s angry.

There is no dishonest action that goes unnoticed in the eyes of the goddess. She may be loving, but make no mistake that she will burn your life to the ground when you forsake her. And this time… you have forsaken her.

You may not like what’s headed your way. It is time for you to face yourself, and she will see to it that you do. No need to manipulate or lie her way there. No, because the goddess knows the true vibratory nature of the universe: you get what you give. You reap what you sow. You create your personal dharma. She merely holds you to those lessons.

It is with her loving hand that she releases your grip on the comforts you have created for yourself. She knows that you have been hanging on out of fear, and she sees right through that even if you don’t. It is the love of the goddess that gives life and takes life away. It is both her destructive force and her creative ability that demand respect.

There is not a one-size-fits-all kind of magic that happens. No, she is keenly aware of your personal flavor and the lessons you need the most in order to rid your ego of perceived stability. She will humble even the most righteous man with her rude awakenings and fierce nature.

And if you continue to look her in the eye and drive the knife deeper into her wound, your lesson will arrive unexpectedly and promptly.

The life you knew will cease to exist until you learn to surrender to her divinity and remember her-story. She makes no mistakes in soul lessons. If you are meant to do more with your life than behave in abhorrent action, be prepared for her swift and oftentimes harsh reaction. She does not take kindly to those who mistreat her or take her purity for granted.

She will not be fooled regardless of how much you think you are fooling her.

The sacred wound of the feminine cannot be explained, only felt. And those of us who are feeling her wounds deeply can only ask for the soft elixir of her love and grace to help us transmute the brokenness and heaviness into something lighter and freer. She continues to rise and burn away all that is no longer true, and she continues to assist in the creation of greater love for the awakening of all.

Her anger is required to create the change we wish to see on this planet. And her rage, destruction, and chaos only make room for something much greater than us.

She is tired of fighting for what is rightfully hers, and she will no longer tolerate unconscious action in the behavior of another.
Yes, the goddess loves, but she is angry… take heed.

Natalie Sophia

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