The Dance of a Conscious LOVE

The Dance of a Conscious LOVE

Caitlin Climes
March 5, 2018

There is an ancient dance that has been performed since the beginning of time: the dance of love.

The steps and rhythm of the dance look different in every manifestation, but the dance itself evolves along with our own consciousness.

Now, for the first time, the awareness this dance creates can transcend beyond what we’ve known to be possible.

This ancient dance is between two flames. Two fires that are strong and powerful on their own, they bring warmth to the people around them no matter where they go. They can see it in the faces of the people they interact with, even if they struggle to feel it inside themselves.

These fires are brilliant.

When these fires are near each other, their flames lick at the other’s soul. Their fire is a mirror to the other, showing their greatest gifts, daring the other to become more than they have been. By entering this dance, the sparks of these two fires combined will transcend even the darkest of valleys. They will point others in the direction of more light.

But a problem stands: if each fire can sustain itself on its own, why should the two fires join together? Why should they fight to dance?

It is because the power of the two fires together will extend beyond the material realm of our world, the realm we are all unconsciously waiting to be liberated from. Slowly these two fires will transform into something greater than either one could ever achieve on its own. Bringing us all closer to the fire the we come from, serving as a torch of awareness to guide others home.

Together, their fire will send a wave of ignition through lives, awakening the lives of those they haven’t met yet and may never meet.

It is because these two fires are destined to dance, and the world will be better for it. The two fires together will embody gratitude to the ancients and inspire the lives of the new generation.

This is what the ancient dance of love does.

This dance has long been seen to begin with the Chief of the Fire. The person who opens our eyes to a world that lives within our souls. The person who shows us the sparks of potential that are always around us, waiting to be actualized. The person who embodies an ignition of the fire within ourselves we had long forgotten, and an awakening to connection of the greater fire that we are all a part of.

But now there is an evolution, and we must surrender to the creative energy. What lies within is beyond our wildest imaginations.

For the first time, both flames need to act as Chiefs of the Fire, and they must step forward together in their individual wholeness and accept the other’s invitation to dance. Neither fire more radiant than the other, but rather a quiet stillness of recognition and respect between the two unique flames.

This acceptance is not a struggle, fight, or plea, but a graceful and gently humble movement toward a brighter light. Both must choose to become more than they’ve been, by joining their flames together and taking on the rhythm of the greater fire — a trusting surrender.

This will unfold a destiny that heals our hearts and therefore, our world.

This ancient dance of love can now be infused with a new consciousness — a conscious love in which the fire that is created together brings light to this world, a radiant light that drives out darkness. A light that bathes this world in the warmth that has escaped through the cracks of our broken systems.

The dance of a conscious love has the potential to transform the world we know now into the world of light that we all visit in our dreams.

You have been summoned to the ancient dance of a now conscious love.

Please wake up and dance.

We are all Chiefs of the Fire, made to dance and remember our home of light.

Caitlin Climes

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Manuela@inaloveworld ❤
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  1. Dear Manuela,

    When woman and man come and live together – it is like a DNA -string going together and forming a ladder to a higher plane and both can help each other on this path of love…

    All good wishes

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