Born with Rebellion in YOUR Heart

Born with Rebellion in YOUR Heart

Johanna Whitaker
March 15, 2018

Born behind bars, suburban bars, an open prison with rules, boundaries and societal norms. Oh, the possibilities are endless and the expectations suffocating.

Our paths are mapped depending on the geographical location our baby bodies land.

If you’re privileged, you land in roses, you’re fed, watered, and loved. You’re nurtured till you pick your path. But listen carefully, the paths are not wide and plentiful. The whispers beckon you to follow the well-trodden road that leads you to exactly the same destination as those incarnated around you.

Stepping off track means rebellion, and it threatens societal norms. If you’ve chosen to go your own way, never expect empathy and support. You can step back on at any time, but your rebellious soul won’t let you. Convention isn’t for you. It’s isolating, but impossible to conform. The fire inside of you won’t allow you to dangle awkwardly on society’s coat-tails.

It’s liberating and terrifying, there’s no warm rug under your feet. You have no map to follow, and the side-eyes aren’t discreet. I was born in roses, one of the lucky few. But even the lucky ones get filled with gruesome scars too.

The earth I landed on was contaminated, a really toxic sludge. A child so full of wonder, I wanted to know it all. A sense of having been here before and knowing I had to make this time count, I questioned those around me and quickly realized they didn’t have the answers, none of them.

I battled with the life that society expected me to have, and without even trying to, I smashed every single rule. My timeline is chequered for a suburban dwelling soul. And that damn black dog kept following me.

But that’s not the story I want to tell, that’s never been the case. You see, it was all preparation for a life less ordinary. When you’re born a rebel, you don’t surrender, you pick yourself up and you find a new path. You howl at the moon and you follow your restless soul.

When I packed my bag and left, and started roaming the globe, the Universe responded and embraced me with all its power. I learned that people can be wonderful, even better when they don’t know your past. We’re quick to put people in boxes, it’s how our human brains cope. Take those boxes away and just see vulnerable human hearts are.

Learning to love isn’t easy, you have to start by loving the consistent things: the sunsets and the waves, the moon, the stars, and the trees. Loving humans is a progression, and of course you have to love yourself first. Pick the souls you take life’s adventure with wisely, drop the energy-suckers and the corrupt.

Pick your own goals, set your own boundaries, and craft a personal moral code. Make mistakes, hundreds of them. But take these lessons and let them nourish you. Turn guilt into empathy and anger into passion.

Slowly lower your walls, your armor, and let the beautiful light in. The life we’re told to live isn’t right for everyone, perhaps not for anyone. But the rebellious souls are the ones who dare to question. They either burn up in the process or achieve ultimate freedom. It’s not a choice for all of us, especially if you’re born with rebellion in your heart. Try and conform, I dare you!


Johanna Whitaker

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