Take the Chance

Take the Chance

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I do not know you, but I still like 80-90 years music and probably I will love it as long as I live. I still can listen to that music for hours for I believe its positive messages. One of the tracks that I love is “We take a chance”.

Actually, in everything we do, we take a chance, even when waking up in the morning for we do not know if there will be one more or it is going to be the last one. So, why not making every day better than the previous one? Why would not we doing our best for ourselves and others?  I mean to “Take the chance” of living your own life for nobody is going to do it as long as you do not do it!

Everybody needs a start but nobody will do it for anybody. Everyone needs to do it for himself. All the power you need is inside you even if you are brought up with the idea that you need somebody else to encourage or to sustain you. I do not deny that you do feel better being encouraged but you cannot live waiting for somebody else to do it for you. Even if you are encouraged people’s words come from their own perception and you have yours. We all feel wonderful when somebody else shows as consideration, respect, love but you are the first one who should give them to yourself. Nobody can give you what you don’t give to yourself. 

Each person is a wholeness and each person is a part of the wholeness, our universe. Nobody can give you the chances you do not give to yourself! Nobody can create your life as you want, but yourself! You have everything you need – your mind, body and soul, so, you are never lost. 

There are people who give themselves the chance to live their life as it is.

Swapna Augustine does not have arms and she paints with her feet:

Man with no arms plays guitar perfectly with his Feet:

You can do it, too! Even if somebody else has not walked on the same road as you want to do, you can create your own one. As the Dalai Lama says:

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

Look around you to any flower. They all take the chance of growing and following the light. They do not know how long they will live, how soon a person will pick them up them but they take the chance they have: to live their life.

(the first flowers taking the chance to grow near my garden :))

A man in my life told me many times: “a single flower does not make spring” but I tell you what always told him “there is always a first one blossoming” and the others follow. Take the chance of living your own life and all you need will follow.

Take the chance and be the winner of your own life!

“We’re feeling the fire of hearts, like a dream
We’re living in deep emotion, we’re fighting with our hearts
Oh, everybody’s waiting, waiting for a start.” (We take the chance)

For you all, all my love <3 and all the chances you wish,


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  1. Thanks, dear Manuela 🙂

    I have also many songs from that time which I like: for example the one with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush: “Don’t give up!” – A wonderful song indeed.

    Also for you love and light

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