Sun Enters Taurus

Sun Enters Taurus (April 19, 2018)

Bill Attride

What are you?

Today marks the next and nat­ur­al phase of spir­i­tu­al unfold­ment and awak­en­ing in the Astro­log­i­cal Year. The first phase of Aries pos­es the most fun­da­men­tal ques­tion, “Who am I?”. But now it is Tau­rus, who asks you to con­sid­er the equal­ly pro­found ques­tion, “What am I”?

In Aries you are sim­ply try­ing to be, to know and feel that “I am”. Aries is your most inti­mate and imme­di­ate expe­ri­ence of being self-aware. Through Aries, you encounter you in the con­sid­er­a­tions of what I call your “Pres­ence”, the many and var­ied per­sonas you bring to meet the con­di­tions you encounter in the ever-unfold­ing “Now”.

But in Tau­rus you move out of this sub­jec­tive realm into objec­tive real­i­ty, you expe­ri­ence your­self as some “thing”. In Tau­rus you come down to Earth and say, “I am That”. Tau­rus is your most phys­i­cal, sen­su­ous expe­ri­ence of life. You open your eyes and see the beau­ty all around; you open your lungs and breathe in what we all share. You take anoth­er breathe, and you smell the flow­ers; you reach down and touch the earth, and smile, and give thanks to the moth­er of us all for this, for your life and for your body. You look up and see your star, and you watch the moon, plan­ets and stars whirling over­head and you exclaim, “Ooh, I am so hap­py, to be sur­round­ed by such beau­ty, to be part of this amaz­ing, beau­ti­ful, won­drous journey…I am so grate­ful to be part of LIFE”.

Yes, Tau­rus is life as abun­dance, as beau­ty and majesty. Tau­rus is you being one with life in grat­i­tude, grace and peace. You are here in this won­der­ful place you call Earth, to feel and taste and touch and smell the won­ders of this gar­den of delights, and to share this abun­dance of Life-Spir­it with all with whom you jour­ney.

But what is it that makes you, you? What do you have that is yours, what gives you the val­ue of you? Well, this is the ques­tion of Tau­rus to you. Through the arc of your life, from infan­cy through youth, into adult­hood and onward, your expe­ri­ence of you and your val­ue or worth will rise and fall in so many ways. The enthu­si­asms and phys­i­cal strengths of youth, give way to the grav­i­tas, wis­dom (and the aches) of lat­er years. It seems, depend­ing upon your jour­ney, that your best days are still ahead, or far behind you, depend­ing upon how you val­ue you.

But in Truth, at the very heart of you, you remain as you will always be, price­less, beyond all mea­sure, for you know, you are not a human being at all. That is mere­ly the form of your self-real­iza­tion at this point in your nev­er-end­ing jour­ney. Tru­ly, at your core, you are a spark of the Divine who is on a nev­er-end­ing jour­ney of the “Self-That Is Becom­ing”. You are a mon­ad, an unfold­ing Spir­i­tu­al Fire of Life-Spir­it-Con­scious­ness and your true worth or val­ue will for­ev­er be beyond any finite mea­sure.

So, no mat­ter what you think you are worth today, or yes­ter­day, or a thou­sand years from now, remem­ber this, you have no way of com­pre­hend­ing the beau­ty and glo­ry and worth of you. You are the jew­el in the lotus, the kiss of dew in the morn­ing, and you are the glo­ri­ous sun­set too.

But then the Ancient Ones will whis­per in your heart, “What you know as the resplen­dent and immor­tal you, the Heav­en that is always with­in you, (for you nev­er left it tru­ly), this essen­tial spark of you, know in your heart of hearts that this same light of the Divine is in every­thing too.”

Yes, in every speck and mote of Cre­ation, in every atom, mol­e­cule, gas and rock, plant and crea­ture, or plan­et and star, all of this is Spir­it-Life in evo­lu­tion too. This is what you will under­stand in Tau­rus.

What you will know, feel and cel­e­brate in Tau­rus is that all of this is Beau­ti­ful, all of this is Pre­cious, because all of this is the One Life, and all of this is the Cre­ation of the One.

So, give thanks to the sun­rise and sun­set, to the flow­ers and the trees, to the moun­tains and the oceans, yes bow down and give thanks to it all.

With love, bow to the divine with­in you and with all that sur­rounds you too.

And every day, turn and real­ly look upon one anoth­er, and you will see that super­nal light that is shin­ing there.

Yes, smile at one anoth­er and be filled with the won­der of this.

Give thanks for all these bless­ings, give thanks for life and sim­ply say to one anoth­er,


Bill Attride

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