YOU are the One you’ve been Waiting for

YOU are the One you’ve been Waiting for

Raphael Awen
April 17, 2018


You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

By our very nature, we subscribe to different pictures of reality and then these pictures manifest in our lives as ‘proof’ of our reality.

We are then biased towards the reality we created, be it a desirable one, or not so desirable, negating the multitude of other possibilities we could have created and seen as real, on the projector screen that we call our lives.

What is more real than our created realities is this ability to create realities, and even reality itself. This reality, we really need a lot of courage to face.

If the above is true, it leaves you and I responsible. It doesn’t offer us any condolences on our bad set of circumstances that life dealt us. It offers you and I deep awareness of our power.

Being responsible doesn’t mean it’s your fault; far from it. This isn’t about fault, but rather, the opposite of your fault. This is about your perfection. You are already perfect AND you are being perfected; both are true. You are taking your perfection out for a spin in a testing ground. You are response-able, meaning able to respond, able to choose to respond, able to choose with what and how you will respond.

My truth is that there is always a response point, a choice point in front of you that is about your deepest and next going-on place. It’s not that difficult to see. It’s not a hidden treasure that will take great tests and trials to discover, but rather something quite plain. Any obscurity around the choice is a product of the part of you who isn’t ready to embrace that going on place.

If part of you isn’t ready to go on and make that obvious choice, what about choosing to get to know that part? You don’t have to jump into the choice your soul knows is your going-on place by forcing or pushing the choice. You are able to choose your response. You can choose curiosity and self awareness (love) to embrace the part of you in resistance to your next choice, allowing self love and negotiation to flow naturally toward empowerment.

If you are unwilling to make that choice, then you are left in a hope-less place. You are employing your power in service of staying stuck, for the moment at least. Codependent friends, family and mates may caretake you in your choice to remain small, but life won’t. Life doesn’t see you as broken and needing to be caretaken. Life will honour your sovereign and powerful choice and leave you to the encircling standing stones of circumstance that you call your life as your current reality creation, awaiting your deeper choice point.

This is how I choose to see you. This is the reality I want to create in myself and those around me. We are the anchors in the storm. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

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