Sun Enters Gemini

Sun Enters Gemini (May 20, 2018)

Bill Attride


The Awakening

Three moments mark the first steps in your journey:

I am…I am, That… I am That I am.

This is one of the most profound gifts (and tests) of being and becoming human, the gift of Self-Awareness.

This story is found in many teachings, cultures and ages. That long ago there walked among us “the gods”, who brought to us who were not yet human, (we were “mindless”, we were the innocent but mindless humans of that time), and they offered this most precious gift of self-awareness. It was their great honor and duty to do this. Because in a previous cosmic cycle, these Angels of the Light had similarly been awakened by those who came before them. This self-luminous torch, this spiritual fire of understanding, has been passed down like this through the ages. It is in truth the Ribbon of Light and Love that forms the warp and weave of our Universe. All of Creation is Spirit-Life; for everything is Living and Conscious, and the whole Universe is on this Spiritual Journey of Awakening.

These Devas or Shining Ones were duty bound to pass on this light to us, (and to become partly one with us too). Their names are found in many cultures, in the tales of Prometheus, Lucifer, Loki and Quetzalcoatl and many, many others. In the most ancient of recordings, found in what is known as the Ancient Teachings there is the story of the Kumaras, beings of a much more advanced state than we, who came at the appointed time, when the Humanity of that period was ready for the next step forward in Consciousness, and they walked among us, joined with us and we took the next great step in our journey…and we became self-aware.

This step was taken long ago, during an “Age of Gemini”, yet it is also a series of steps that you will take in each of your lives, and through many years in any one of your lives. For the journey of Self-Awareness is wondrous and hard, it requires patience and quickness, adaptability and persistence, it is the mind seeking to know, to know itself and all that is around it too. This is your journey to the gods, it is your journey to lift yourself out of the shadows, out of the darkness, ignorance and fear…it is your journey into The Light.

Each and every day, you are here to lift up your awareness of yourself and your world. You are here to learn to be a better human. You are here quite simply to discern and so understand what is the lesser and what is greater; you are here to learn from your experience in this realm governed by “cause and effect”. You are on a never-ending inspirational journey in which you lift yourself up by trial and error as you leave behind your ignorance and come to know and to live what is good, and true and beautiful.

You are always guided by your higher self; it is the light of love shining within you. This greater one within you lovingly inspires you onward and upward in life after life. Your journey, this “Walk in Beauty”, is forged in the multiple experiences you share with those with whom you travel, as you and your fellow seekers help one another to see and to know what is the “Good”. But truly, your path to awakening is founded in your Love for one another, for this is “The Way”. This is the one true path that will bring you and all of humanity to our destiny.

For this is the way of truth, that you will most wonderfully and necessarily help one another; you will be the very means to awaken one another. In fact, you could not do it at all were it not for your experiences with one another. The Truth behind your Awakening is this, you are to be for one another the quickening of your inner Light. You will illuminate one another’s minds as you exchange your thoughts, sentiments and feelings for one another. It is by the life you live in the day to day, it is by all these comparisons, contrasts, debates and discussions with one another, it is by telling your stories to one another, that you eliminate the shadows and step more firmly into the Light. You are for one another the living means by which you let go of misunderstanding and fear and more assuredly walk the path of Truth and Love.

You cannot be human without the love and affections you have shared with one another. In truth, your very thoughts are not “yours”; you cannot truly own any thought. All these notions, intimations, ideas and truths that have been passed between you and many others in your life, between parent and child, between brother and sister, with friends and loved ones too, all of these are part of you and part of them. You are all mixed up with one another; your mind is made by all these with whom you have been with now and long before too.

Yes, you must also understand that you are indebted to the countless lives of those who have come before you too; the spiritual heritage of Humanity, of Philosophy, Religion and Science is their gift to you. You walk a very ancient path of Light and Love, and you will never walk it alone.

Whenever you fall into error, whenever you divide yourself from yourself, whenever you become isolated or separated from one or many others, it is then that you will stumble and fall. But your path of awakening is clear. All you need do is to reach out once more to those who are there for you; and it is equally true, that you need to be there for them too.

This is how you grow, this is how you learn to move away from ignorance pain, darkness and fear; you learn what is true so that you can create what is better.

Choose to stay united, to not pull back in fear but to reach out with love to one another.

It is by this that you move towards the light that is all around you; and you will discover that it is the same Light that is within you too.

You discover and choose to follow the truth that is within you; and you understand that this same truth is behind the whole of Creation too.

It is by this awakening that you stay upon the Path of Light.

And you will smile, and laugh, and turn to one another.

Because this is your Destiny.

You are here to live in understanding, beauty and love.

You are on the path of Awakening.

You are here; your destiny is your hands.

Be a light for one another,

Love one another.


Bill Attride