The choice always belongs to YOU!

”Fear is the prison of the heart.”

~ Anonymous

What is fear? Where is it coming from?

We have all suffered/ or still suffering from it and as it is known, fear could be your biggest enemy if you accept it. It is the feeling of not being good enough, of not having power enough, of not being worthy enough. It can be fear of failure, fear of not being loved, fear of what other people might think, fear of being too ”small”, fear of not being worthy. It comes from the feeling of not being good enough, not having enough power, not being worthy enough. It’s the feeling that you could not be who YOU really are.

It is known that we are born with two normal fears: fear of falling and fear of noise. The rest of our fears can be considered abnormal because they come from lack of confidence & trust, and lots of burdens due to overthinking.

We are taught lots of fears when we start to be ”educated”. Look at children, they do not have fear of anything. They do not have experience in our world and do not have diplomas but they don’t know fear. How? They just feel and follow their heart. They also feel what they can do and know they could do a lot of things. We usually say they are too small, are not educated, they need to grow up to know what life – fear is. Why? It is because we have been educated in that way.

Who made that rule? Who has the right to decide the way I have to be educated? Who knows what is good for me, than myself?  Who is saying that a certain way is the right way to BE?

Fear is distortion of reality we use to limit our life and is in our imagination only. In that way, it is that false reality we are creating it in our mind and let it become our true reality. We are ”educated” to have lots of fears, we do not believe in positivity, in kindness, in beauty, in what is good in this world, we do not believe in us. We are trapped of living with the results of other people thinking. Believing in what is bad, ugly, and negativity is what we have in our reality. Moreover, you can see fear as a weapon built inside you. The more you believe fears and use them as excuses for what you do not do, the more your life will be filled with insecurity, hate, and anger.

Generally, fear is the opposite of confidence. It is a voice inside us that is a really deep and convincing voice. When you focus on that voice, you become more and more deeply involved in. It is the voice we have been educated to listen to because it is empowered with what is showed outside, in the external reality we have been taught to see it and listen to. It is what power has been created for, what media show us, what religion tell us, what gold and money fight is for.

Fear is taking varied routes, but all fears go deeply inside yourself and you feel as if you are a prisoner, a prisoner of your own fears. You are afraid of following your heart desires.

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”You could imagine each fear as a stone, which are piled up throughout your life, and one day become as high as a mountain. You started adding fears in your childhood, when your parents were telling you: you cannot do it yourself, you are not allowed to do it, it is a shame to do it, and be careful what you do, you are punished, prosecuted. Growing up, your school, society, other people’s words and ideas, each added more stones to your fear mountain. Moreover, fear does not let you trust yourself, follow your dreams, act towards the beauty of your creation, as your life should be.

That mountain has a different height for each of us; some are higher and some are lower.

What is beyond fear?

On the other side of your fear mountain is the mountain of your self-esteem and self-love. The Fear Mountain is bigger and your self-esteem mountain is smaller, but when you start to face and accept a fear, it is transformed in a new stone, a self-esteem one. The lower your fear mountain becomes, the higher your self-esteem mountain does.” (1)

Usually, you start asking yourself what happened. How did you become so frustrated and anxious? How are you going to escape from that? Is there any way of getting out of that? 

Steve Jobs said “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. We all have a heart and intuition but we have not been taught to follow them. You feel afraid because of the way society educated you in every single way, but think of you as brave human being because you have learned to conquer fear in your everyday life from that day when you did your first step, that day when you said your first word. Let your feelings expand, and that freedom makes you change inside and also changes your world picture. From that moment, when realizing how powerful you can be without fears, they cannot bring you to your knees because you have the power to bring your fears to their knees. Release the heart and the love you keep in the prison of fear because there is love beyond the fear, love you are born in and with, but it was hidden deeply, where you do not seek or think of seeking it: in YOUR soul.

We can choose: to live in fear or to free and follow your heart. Fear or love? Your choice always belongs to you! (1)

“Fear is the virtue of slaves; but the heart that loveth is willing.”

~ Longfellow

With Love, 



11 thoughts on “The choice always belongs to YOU!

  1. Dear Manuela,

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    One fear most people have is to die, usually the subject death is hidden and avoided, but the closer we approach to our last day – the more fear accompanies us as we do not know where the journey continues. This is fear in front of ignorance. And only when solving the mystery of death – then its sting cannot hurt us, then we do not know just by belief, but by seeing. In this case: “seeing is believing”. I also think that fear is made and self-made, both influences go hand in hand, the influence from outside, our society, education, our experiences, and from inside how we digest those happenings, in which way they bear fruit in us. Then a more complicated fear exists: once the fear has taken seat in us, it becomes a habit, it accompanies us wherever we go. We carry it with us. The next step of this secenario is that we start to have fear of this fear – the fear precedes a certain fear, or phobies. With positive thoughts and live fear “though” (face the fear as far as it is possible), we can overcome certain types of fear. The more we come to know ourselves the more we develop real faith in God to let go in Him, then nothing can frighten us anymore.

    Thank you, dear Manuela

    1. You are right, dear Didi. One of the fears is fear of death but that comes from lack of information/ knowledge. To find out knowledge, everyone follows his own path of discovering who he really is, for “knowledge is power”. Moreover, fear is afraid of fear, and as you said, we can overcome it. We have to follow what we feel! Thank you! 🌈

      1. Yes, everyone is responsible for him- or herself. Right, when knowledge and experience go together then it is lived knowledge (not just theroetical aspects) and the spiritual knowledge give us access to inner knowledge.

        Thank you, dear Manuela 🙂
        Have a great evening time

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