You Must Open Your Mind To See The Hidden Layers Of Reality

You Must Open Your Mind To See The Hidden Layers Of Reality

An open mind is not limited by fear.

Sony Waters

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There are many layers to reality other than the physical, temporal, mental and emotional. These layers have become hidden through our choice of beliefs; it is therefore us that has come to hide from them through not focusing upon them. We do this through believing they are either not real or not important.

If we do happen to perceive one of these hidden layers, we have powerful mechanisms that tell us we did not perceive what we think we just did. These mechanisms primarily operate through the fear of being insane, abnormal or different, as well as the fear of being perceived by others as weird, imbalanced, or liars.

This fear drives our ability to quickly and effectively ignore or dismiss what we do not understand. However, if you evolve your belief-system through opening your mind to include more than is immediately apparent to your biological senses, you will start to perceptively translate these hidden layersinto your experience.

A part of being embodied/individuals is experiencing a narrowly focused perception that concentrates on our physical reality, our mental reality and our emotional reality.

This is not to say we only experience that which is physical, emotion and mental; it means that no matter what we experience, we translate it into the physical (which includes space and time), emotional and mental.

To access the hidden layers of reality — through what is typically called intuitive, psychic or inner senses — you do not need any special knowledge or gift. You do not even need to know what to expect. All you need is an open mind. You cannot do this by trying to be open; an open mind is met through the transformation and release of fear.

An open mind is a mind not limited by fear.

  • A mind that is open is curious and seeks what is unknown, instead of projecting what you fear onto the unknown.
  • An open mind assigns space for new meaning, instead of trying to make all experience fit into what is already known.
  • Closed minds atrophy through a need for consistency — an open mind wants to expand and change.

When your mind opens, it is not that you will instantly experience a new layer to reality as if someone turned on the light in a dark room. It is that you start to experience new physical, emotional and mental sensations that feel slightly different or unusual (not only in terms of the actual sensation, but also in the sense of where the sensation is coming from).

This new level of perception is subtle at first, such as:

  • You may have memories unexpectedly emerge into your mind through which you find yourself remembering a particular realization which offers you a meaningful perspective on a current situation.
  • You may start experiencing a new depth of emotional excitementaround a particular choice, or an unexpected emotional resistance to a particular person (that you cannot see a logical reason for).
  • You may even start to see colors around people or feel the energy in an object (somewhat like heat).

It is typically the qualities of how it unexpectedly enters your perception and how it comes from somewhere slightly different that become the clearest sign you are opening your perception to something new.

How you then react to that perceived newness will determine if the experiences continue to build or are blocked.

The purpose of the mind (beyond allowing the level of unconsciousness necessary for embodiment) is to make sense of your experience and assign it meaning. This is the meaning that you live within; it forms your unique experience of Self. Our mind automatically fills in any gaps or inconsistencies in our experience in order to hide any discrepancies or anomalies it may perceive from our embodied self.

Any information the mind cannot assign an acceptable meaning to is quickly dismissed by a value judgment through which it deems the information to not matter.

To be open to wider perception — be curious;
be open to change; be open to new things.

You may emulate a closed system (a separate embodied individual who stands alone) as much as you like; however, beyond your embodied-focus you are an open system because in your heart you are eternal-consciousness that exists outside of the illusion of separation.

You are a focus of eternal-consciousness and all things flow through you, whether or not you acknowledge them.

To be open is to choose new choices, and that is to choose change. To be open to change is to be open to the unfolding of All That You Are; for even when you express All That You Are, you will always change; for All That You Are is an expression of change. To be open to change is to be the unknown.

Choose to transform your fears through embracing the unknown.

Only a person with a mind that is open to change is open to a reality created in transparency and consciousness. You are an evolving journey; not a destination.

Open your mind to discover what you are beyond the physical.

To close, I want to share a brief piece I wrote years ago to express my own gift of perception without using any spiritual language. I hope it helps convey that this gift of perception that is available to you is not all about being spiritual. It is simply about realizing there is more to life than what our biological senses tell us. It is simply called “Stuff”…

“Stuff” by Story Waters

So basically, I can just write and this stuff comes out. I can look at the world and just see all this stuff. I can see stuff about anything I focus on. And all this stuff is just amazing. And it has just become clearer and clearer, because that is all I can really say about how I do it. I have just sought to become clearer and clearer, both in how I see life and how I express life, both sides of the mirror.

I have been exploring clarity, and the more clear you become the more stuff you start seeing, and you see stuff that is basically just magic that you are seeing it.

I really can’t adequately describe how incredible it is to be perceiving reality in the way that I am and I really just want to try and offer the choice to see how amazing and incredible this world truly is. Not because my way of seeing things is better than anyone else’s, but simply because it is such a joyous and amazing experience to experience the world the way I do.

I’ve gone through some shitty and bumpy stuff to awaken. I’ve been angry at times. I’ve felt alienated at times. But now that I am here, I can see how totally worth it this journey of awakening has all been — to get to this clarity, to get to this freedom of vision, to get to this feeling of joy, to see all this incredible, amazing, fantastic stuff.

Up until now I have been attached to people hearing my message of awakening. I have now polished this wound away as I know that stuff is available to anyone who wants to hear it. When someone wants to see this amazing stuff that is all around us they will bring themselves to see that stuff with or without my help, but I am joyous to be a bridge to this stuff.

Now that I am clear I know it to be my joy to continue to express my clarity in ever more diverse ways.

I am in love with life.

Sony Waters


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