Do Not Fear Being Alone In Whatever Makes You Unique

Do Not Fear Being Alone In Whatever Makes You Unique

Whatever makes you unique — even a limitation — reflects your magical self.

Story Waters

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Today’s article is about loving yourself through seeing how the qualities that make you unique are your greatest power, even if those qualities are something you have struggled with because of how they separate you from the world. Enjoy!
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No other person is exactly as you are or experiences exactly as you do. Perceiving the power and profundity of your uniqueness is a part of understanding the paradoxical quality of being a separate individual while simultaneously allowing yourself to be a free and equal expression of the consciousness.

Although we are all fundamentally equal, no one is better at being you than you. You are the best at being you. Do not be afraid of what makes you unique, whether you see that uniqueness as a part of your outward definition or your inward experience of consciousness.

In being yourself you are unequaled.

No one can ever be more you than you.

To allow yourself to travel into your uniqueness is to travel deeper into the understanding of your wider self (your spirit). This makes life more magical because to further integrate with your spirit is to awaken its senses within you — the “magical” senses we are taught to shut down in childhood.

The outer reality we share is only one aspect of our personal reality; it is only one facet of All That We Are. To allow yourself to experience ALL sides of your being is to allow the unfolding and expression of what makes you unique. This is to allow more of yourself to consciously exist.

To better allow your uniqueness is to explore the qualities of your experience that are subtle, magical, and not easily articulated.

To further unfold the potential of All That You Are is to have reached a point of self-awareness where you are comfortable in who and what you are. From this arises an assuredness of self, such that you can turn away from the safety of the familiar, shared consensus view of reality and experience the unconstrained magical self that comes from further integrating with your spirit.

To allow your magical self is to allow back in aspects of your beingness that you suppressed as a child because of how they made you feel separate and different.

Do not fear being alone in your uniqueness. To release this fear is to have the courage to express the qualities of consciousness that others do not allow themselves to experience.

See how valuable it is to share what is new and different rather than only what is traditional and the same. However, know that sharing your uniqueness with the world will separate you from it, just as much as it will unify you with it. This is because of how you will experience yourself reflected in the polarization of the world’s perception of you. Do not fear this.

Do not fear how the world will perceive you.

To embrace and share your uniqueness is to deepen your relationship with the world by coming to more clearly be who you already are — regardless of the world’s reaction.

Your magical self cannot be met through the analysis of the mind. This is because our minds have been built upon the consensus view of what this world is. Your magical self is not however limited to your knowing of this world — because it represents the integration of your spirit (which is eternal consciousness) your magical self is of ALL worlds.

To experience this deeper knowing of self is to step further into what makes you unique. This is to realize that much of what makes you unique in terms of your experience of consciousness may not have any language or concepts associated with it.

Our language is not as free and precise in its ability to describe our experience as we often may suppose — a phenomenon that translators frequently experience. This is because of how our language has evolved to predominantly describe what is common and shared, rather than to express what makes us different and unique.

To find the language to clearly express yourself is therefore to create the words through which you can express the full spectrum of the diverse qualities within you. To create those words in language is to create those inner worlds within the shared experience.

Create the words to create the worlds.

This is a reflection of the gift you will choose to share with not only this world but all consciousness, when you overcome the fears you have of loving, embracing and being yourself without shame or restriction.

Do not love yourself despite your limitations. Love yourself through the knowing that you chose those limitations with reason because of how they feed into the unique expression of consciousness that you are. Through our limitations we shape ourselves into the most effective instrument / vessel through which to fulfill our intention for this life.

You are not flawed because you are exactly who you intended to be. Your uniqueness is your power.

Story Waters