Faces of Love (7)


20130827-20070315-untitled-65-2Photo credit: Tofino Photography

Every sunrise is a new page of your life.
Even when a sunrise does not paint your sky with pink, it holds the promise of writing a beautiful story on that page.
The color is your choice!

With much Love,


13 thoughts on “Faces of Love (7)

    1. Thank you so much! I love the colors of that sunrise! Is that tower a safe place for taking photos? The Daredevil has made an amazing choice for living! 🙂

      1. the tower is now off limits.I took a series of photographs from there years ago.The panoramic became famous locally.All the youth wanted to find the spot.They partied up there making a mess.Now there is barb wire & a camera.The water tower is owned by the district.I won’t be going up there anymore.

  1. The colour of your life is as an artist pallette. The shades are there by choice. The mixing of the hues and shades are not always of the individuals choosing neither is the application. At daybreak the light of your life falls from the Cosmos. For most however the events of the day are represented by the writing on the wall, and are uninfluenced by the mood of the sky. Chris T.

    1. I have just found lots of comments in my spam box. I have to apologise for the late reply. Thank you very much for your reading, comment and appreciation! Manuela

  2. Daniela

    Thank you so much Manuela ! Blessings ….Peace and Love !
    <3 Namaste ! <3

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