Aligning with The Heartbeat of the Earth

This Being Human: Aligning with The Heartbeat of the Earth

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi
September 4, 2018

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Made of the stars and earth and ocean and windstorms and fires of a thousand suns.
Roots deep like thousand-year-old redwood trees, and crowns as majestic as the Universe herself. All, meeting in this great in-between, this body, this heart animated by this soul that is the Divine’s desire to be expressed, lived, and experience this life as you.

Your existence is the only permission you ever need in order to be fully you, to meet yourself in the depths of your being. The manual didn’t get lost, it was never published because you get to write the book on how to be you.

This body pulses and aches and feels and longs for connection. A living library of all experiences you have ever had. The most direct tool you have to learning the path of true love. This body is your tuning fork to the Divine. This body is not here to be transcended, but to be beheld for all of its glory — it is ephemeral, transient, mundane and sacred in its very nature.

Everything about the body is true and wise. Learn the language she speaks — the language of truth and energy and symbols and feeling. This body is the earth of you, the Feminine. Reclaiming this body is staking a claim against the patriarchy’s war on the wisdom and nurturing and grounding nature of the earth. The earth of yourself. The housing of your soul.

This heart. This heart where heaven and earth collide as one in its beating. The space where walls are constructed, remodeled, or taken down at will from one moment to the next. Walls meant to keep pain out but keep pain in, walls meant to represent a fortress of safety but become a housing of fear.

This heart that is the roadway to love and wisdom, the heart-mind always whispering her mysteries to you if only you would learn to perceive her voice. This heart that loves, loves so deeply in joy and connection and grief and loss.

This heart that beats with the great mystery of the in-between, that has the power to align with all other hearts, to align with the heartbeat of the earth and establish into a new frequency. A frequency of true love.

This soul. This soul has been wounded from this being human in the in-between. Lost, disconnected, neglected because as the walls of the heart were erected, so too were the walls of the buildings and cities and towns that blocked out the light of our true nature. The soul-wound cuts at the core of who you are, but it is not who you are.

Your soul, the energy that chose to be you in this life, is calling out to you from the wilds. To be retrieved. Recovered. Expressed. Danced with. Loved on. Celebrated. To burn down the walls of false temples and resurrect the throne of the soul in the center of the heart of your heart. This is what the soul came here to do. To forget, and then to create its way back into remembering.

This being human.


Dr. Nandi Hetenyi


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