Where We are in our Ascension Journey

Where We are in our Ascension Journey

Natalia Alba
September 7, 2018

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Beloved Ones,

We have had a very intense summer, in which we have been constantly descending more Light from our God Self as we continue to release lower layers of the egoic self. However, after the turmoil of the Eclipses, with the coming of September, we will have the gift to heal, purify ourselves and rest. This is a month in which we could finally take a moment to witness and discern where we are in our ascension journey.

During this new phase of our evolutionary journey, especially with this New Moon in Virgo, in which we have seven Planets in Earth signs, we are invited to remember the importance of being grounded, for it is the only way in which we could embody and anchor the light that is being descended to us, or if on the contrary, we are still using escapism mechanisms instead of confronting our inner shadows and fears.

By escapism we understand all destructive habits – alcohol, drugs, etc – used to numb the body, and soul, of what we think we cannot bear. When our desire to deny our feelings is bigger than our strength to overcome any challenges and heal any dysfunctional behaviour that our lower self is reticent to let go, then we are using self-punishment and illusions to mask what hurts.

When we are passing through any of these denial phases, being grounded is one of the main things that will safe us from falling into negative patterns and entity manipulation. When we are centered into our heart, having it open to healing, then we know that pain will only teach us what the lower self is afraid to confront.

Grounding ourselves goes beyond our personal well-being. Our energetic human field is interconnected with the planetary field, for as you know we are all One living consciousness under the illusion of separation. When we are not grounded we temporary create an obstruction in our energetic field channels, impeding the natural communication with the planetary field and grids. This is what creates the feeling of isolation and foment mental delusion.

As you already know, our Planet continues its transition into a new dimensional space, as this progresses our root chakra, as well as the other body conduits, will also continue reshaping and adapting to the new planetary earth body. This is why it is so important to become aware of the state of our chakras, while we are immersed into this reconfiguration process.

There are many signs that will inform you that you are not grounded. As always, as you know yourself better than anyone else, you will know your unique physical sensations. These are just some of the most common ones:

• Pain or any other uncomfortable sensation in the coccyx.
• Spine pain and/or spasms among other symptoms. It is a sign that the Kundalini is not flowing.
• Feet discomfort
• Sexual organs pain orr other symptoms that are not medical diagnosed.
• Pelvis pain or other troubles.
• Kidneys issues

To dissolve/heal these physical symptoms and to be grounded, these are some basic tools you can use to ground yourselves, among many others you are guided to:

• Nature: As always, this is one of the most effective tools to ground ourselves. Walk barefoot, connect to mother earth and the elements to release negative or stagnant energy, and absord the purity of earth. This will depend on where you live, certain spaces, even though may be seen as beautiful landscapes are contaminated and are not as pure as they used to be for us to ground ourselves. Be careful and use your inner compass to go to the places where your energy will be purified and supported and the space will be as natural as possible, for there are many spaces that have lots its healing properties due to man manipulation.

• Remove energetic cords, especially from sexual organs that are keeping you attached to old energy/people, and that is till draining your root and sexual chakras, impeding you to be fully grounded.
• Clearing debris, parasites, emotional wounds, fears and spirits, whether you consider them benevolent, as it is the case of deceased familiar ones, or not. All must be cleared for you to be able to be supported with your own energy.
• Clear karmic debts/contracts.
• Survival fears. Very often are responsible for the blockages of the first and second chakras, impeding the natural flow of our creative force.

It is essential that at this time, when everything from the depths of our being to our physical body is shifting, in such an accelerate way, by conscious choice, that we observe ourselves and bodies and take the time we need to heal. I understand the egoic self may tell us that we are not doing enough or anything at all, during this healing time, that we must act and continue doing things, even though when we do not feel well.

However, the time we take to heal is not just the time we are most loving ourselves, and honoring our evolutionary process, but the time we are realizing that this is not just about ourselves, and our own ascension process, but about the conscious choice we made to be of assistance, and to be of help. However, to do so, first we need to be pure enough to offer this assistance, otherwise we are not being authentic and acting with unconditional love to All.

May you, always, be blessed with infinite abundance, joy and miracles, Beloveds!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba


6 thoughts on “Where We are in our Ascension Journey

  1. I am unable. This is mystic psuedo interplanetary mumbo jumbo. I am honest and my intention is not to offend. I will not seek further “enlightenment” or discourse. I do not get it, that’s all. I wish you all well
    Chris T.

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    1. Being honest does not mean offending. I do appreciate your honesty. On the other side, nobody has the right to judge anybody else and anything. I mean when not liking an article for not getting it, nobody has the right to judge the content of or the author. Everyone has the right to read/ write/ think what he feels. We all are different, for we think different.
      Thank you for your visit and comment. I wish you all the best, Manuela.

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      1. There is danger to truth if the view of free thought and speech confuses opinion and judgement as in someway being contra to free thought and speech. This is not the case here. Whilst the substance of the Cosmos as understood so far is Space Time and Quantum Mechanics there is still room for Theological and Philosophical theorising too. The Ontological Argument Et Al are worthy of serious consideration. However the Cosmological arguement is somewhat distant from Astrology. Freedom finds its base in decerning Truth from Falsehood. Thought alone does not out process substance or fact. Mythology promulgated by
        whoever depends for its existence on imagination alone, and that is very human. People are free to subscribe to what ever type they choose. Choice however should be executed with caution. Opinion is personal by virtue of reasoning. Unreasoned as well as unreasonable statements whether made in good faith or not, deserve rightly to be either challenged or rejected. That is all I intended. Best wishes
        Chris T

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      2. Thank you very much for the whole your message, Chris. What some people can see as unreasoned or unreasonable statements, others can see as reasoned and reasonable statements. We think differently, for we are not robots/ machines, we have different perception, experiences, knowledge. They are unique. It is what makes us unique. Nobody knows the UNIVERSAL TRUTH, and nobody can decide what deserves to be challenged or rejected. Nobody can decide that a statement has been made in good faith or not, for we do not live in the other’s mind and/ or heart. Everyone has his own view, his OWN truth. Moreover, we respect each other, when respecting each other’s view without trying to show/ prove/ explain what the other knows/ does not know.
        All the best wishes to you,

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