Birds as Spiritual Messengers

Birds as Spiritual Messengers

by Tanaaz
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When I was a child I grew up believing that God was this omnipotent man that lived in the sky and judged us on whether we were being good or bad.

Even at a young age, I was very curious about spirituality and God, and so I decided to ask him how he could possible see what everyone was doing at any given time. The answer that floated into my mind was – birds.

It was in that moment that I began viewing birds as God’s messengers. I imagined that birds were the ones delivering messages to God about what people were up to and whether or not they were being good or bad.

Even though this could be a premise for a horror movie, the thought didn’t alarm or scare me one little bit. In fact, I remember hearing the answer and then just going about my merry way as if nothing had happened.

Flash forward now to my adult years, and while I don’t believe birds are necessarily spying on us and I don’t believe that God is a man in the sky, I do still believe that birds are spiritual messengers and are sensitive to our energy!

If we look back through time, the idea of birds being spiritual messengers is not that uncommon. Angels and birds share the same looking wings, and certain birds are said to represent or bring different qualities.

For example, doves are often used to represent peace, and a black crow is often used to predict a bad omen. Hummingbirds are commonly said to represent sweetness and joy, eagles are said to represent strength and power, and owls are said to represent wisdom.

If you start digging, there is deep meaning and symbolism written about nearly every type of bird that you may encounter.

The sacredness of birds is often linked to its ability to fly close to the heavens and to obtain wisdom from a different vantage point and level of frequency.

It is also believed that birds are vessels and have the ability to receive other souls in order to pass on messages.

When a loved one dies, it is said that they are able to connect with a bird’s soul and ask for permission to enter its body in order to deliver a message to their loved ones on earth.

Other animals like butterflies and dragonflies also have this ability as well, but this is why seeing a bird after a loved one has passed is often considered a sign or message.

It is not that the bird is necessarily your newly reincarnated loved one, (although who knows?!) it is simply your loved one’s soul hitching a ride on this faithful bird that has agreed to be a vessel.

Spirit guides and angels can do this as well, and can use birds as a vessel to come to you in order to deliver a message.

Shortly after my sister passed, a pigeon would come and sit on my balcony. Pigeons are so common that my first instinct was that this was nothing special, but the Pigeon seemed extra cute and curious, and would sit on my balcony for ages just staring at me.

I wondered if it was a message from my sister, but then figured if she was going to come to me it would be a more exotic or unusual bird!

The pigeon came so many times that I really started to wonder what the significance of this was. After opening up to the possibility, I then received multiple signs and even a dream that it was indeed a sign from her!

So even pigeons, as common as they are, can be faithful messengers from the other side! In fact, pigeons were the original carrier bird and were smart and friendly enough to be trained to deliver letters and notes to people across far distances.

Pigeons are also said to represent love and are a sign that your loved ones are safe and looked after!

So, the next time you have an unusual encounter with a bird, tune in and see if you can pick up on what message they are trying to share with you.

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9 thoughts on “Birds as Spiritual Messengers

  1. Hi Tanaaz
    I read your blog and am subscribed to your YouTube channel and firmly believe like you, that birds do have a link to the spirit world and point to this truth as evidenced many times over in the culture of indigenous Australians, native Americans and many other ancient peoples, Mayans, Egyptians and Incas to name a few, with their connections to all types of birds.
    I was with a dear friend only just recently moments before he passed on when an Australian dove landed in the small tree outside the window and I willed that little bird to take my friends spirit with him as he was hanging on to his life force like the grim death stalking him and then he died peacefully. A very profound experience for me. Take care and thank you for all your work in the 5D.


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    1. Hi Bob,
      My name is Manuela and I love reposting and translating articles I feel directed to by my soul. You can find Tanaaz at as appears below every article I repost and translate into Romanian.
      However, I am impressed by your profound experience with the Australian dove and also more than happy having you as reader.
      Thank you very much for your visit and comment!


    1. I have just found lots of comments in my spam box. I have to apologise for the late reply. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with birds as spiritual messengers!


  2. this is so beautiful! every morning I am blessed to have hummingbirds fly to my window. Initially, I did not know, I would hear them…Lately, I have been thinking what if they are reminding me to be love and shine love…very timely to read your post and feel the confirmation yes! Thank you! I look forward to more of your lovely posts.

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    1. You are more than welcome! I love hummingbirds so much, but I have not seen one for real, yet. You are really blessed having them flying to your window! Thank you so much for your visit, comment and appreciation!

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