Challenge Reality With The Love In Your Heart

Challenge Reality With The Love In Your Heart

Why you can’t always believe the reflection of reality.

Story Waters

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“I choose to challenge the world with the love in my heart.”

While it is true that reality is a perfect (and miraculous) mirror that reflects our own beliefs back to us, this does not mean you should believe everything reality seems to be telling you. This is because your reality reflects not only what you mentally believe, but also the emotional experiences that those beliefs arose through.

Although we often express our beliefs in mental language, they are fundamentally emotional. This becomes clear when we look at a belief such as “I love myself”. This is an easy statement to say, but that does not necessarily mean we believe it at an emotional level. We must therefore always look to the instinctual feeling deep within us when understanding that reality is a reflection of our beliefs.

Wanting tomorrow to be a better day and coming out with statements of positive belief about it will not create a better day unless you FEEL it will be a better day.

Reality is not therefore a reflection of “The Truth” (a mental notion based on the idea of a solid, objective, absolute, external reality); it reflects the “self that is present” which includes all your fears, doubts, frustrations, and judgments.

Through socialization, we each subconsciously absorb many layers of meaning and negative emotion that do not represent what is in our heart. With so many people sharing these negative beliefs, it takes a conscious choice to question and transform these self-defeating notions. This has to come from your heart because this alone possesses the power to question and see through the lies of our mental conditioning.

The greatest blocks and walls we create come from the feeling that something is not possible.

Therefore, when reality seems to be reflecting to you that what you want is not possible, do not believe it. Take up the challenge to prove reality wrong. This is to feel with your heart what is possible and to act from that feeling (instead of allowing yourself to be limited by your beliefs).

To learn to act from your heart, over what your other senses are telling you, is to learn to perceive with your most powerful sense.

To realize the profundity of what is being said here is to discard the limiting idea that there is a solid, objective, external reality and realize that reality — in being a construction of consciousness — is only ever “the idea of itself”.

You are eternal consciousness experiencing “the idea of yourself”.

This is easier to comprehend with a non-tangible example such as the belief in evil. A person who believes in evil lives within a reality along with their perception of “the presence of evil”. Whether or not evil “really” exists is irrelevant. This is to understand that — even if you don’t believe in outer reality as an illusion — you still live within the experience of your beliefs.

This understanding is a key to empathy as it is to understand that even though we may see that someone is not “actually” in danger, if they believe they are, then it is no different — at an emotional level — from the experience of being in danger.

Take today to contemplate and identify similar negative beliefs you may be living within.

If your heart reveals a different message than the one your physical reality seems to present, do not be afraid to challenge your reality and seek to manifest what is in your heart. To challenge reality is to challenge yourself. It is to break historical patterns that no longer serve you.

Challenge your outer reality with the inner reality of possibility you feel in your heart.

Story Waters


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