God Is An Inside Job

God Is An Inside Job

Ann Litts
September 15, 2018

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

What if God talks to us all the time? Not just when we tune in and are praying, but stay with me here…what if God is just always there.

Perhaps God talks to us not just in words, but in actions. I have thought about things I hoped would happen in my life — Gee, I’d like a good yoga studio close to my house, I’d really love the next person I date to bring me flowers because I miss getting flowers, I could use an extra day off this week. And on and on the list goes — I could never even begin to fit it all in here. It starts with something as simple as a good parking spot. Serendipity. God’s language of Love. There She is — bringing good things into our lives, just to make us happy.

What if God is in the trees on the trail where I hike? In the water at the lake where I ride my bike? In the singing birds when I sit on my patio? The wild untamed wilderness I saw in Alaska? The warm beaches and ocean I long for? God’s work of creation is all around us. All of this beauty, just to make us happy.

What if God is an experience? What if God is the Zen I find when I ride my motorcycle? Or the Love I feel when I hold my granddaughters? Or the Happiness bubbles in my chest when I’m getting a really fabulous hug? Gifts of Joy wrapped in everyday paper which weave together a life, just to make us feel whole, loved, and cared for.

God is here with me. Talking to me, walking with me, nudging me, showing me The Way — My Way through it all. I have unshakable faith whatever waits for me at the end of my Life is not an eternal fire pit. I trust in the God who has brought me through some really rough spots. I trust in the God who has given me moments of unspeakable love and joy.

But yet — because my vision of The Divine doesn’t conform to certain standards, My Faith is often questioned. I am found to be lacking by friends and family who require me to be ‘saved’ for the sake of their own peace of mind.

It’s annoying as hell. Truly.

I don’t judge other people’s belief systems regarding how or if they communicate with The Universe, The Divine, God — however you care to refer to Her. Because it’s none of my business. It falls into the same category as any other personal relationship. I don’t go around quizzing people on the state of their romantic relationships; I also mind my own business regarding the state of their spiritual relationships.

I am not inclined to change my belief system simply because others are uncomfortable with My Truth.

What makes anyone think there is only one way to God? What makes anyone think God The Creative Force of the Universe could possibly be that small?

God = The Universe. All Universes. Everywhere. Infinity. Square That. And keep on Squaring it. To Infinity.
That is how Large Love is. Never. Ending. Love.

And yet, God = Infinite Love starts in my own soul. With me. Loving myself. Like that. Infinity. Squared. And keep on Squaring it. To Infinity.

Divinity exists in all Living Things. In Us. With Us. Through Us. All of Us. However we chose to see Her and express Her. It starts with Us.


Ann Litts


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  1. There are many wrong notions perpetuated by regions about God. I think you have done a wonderful job by redefining them. Thank you for the beautiful words

    1. I agree with you – the author of this article has done a wonderful job. Thank you very much for your read, comment and kindness!

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