YOUR Limiting Beliefs Don’t Matter

YOUR Limiting Beliefs Don’t Matter

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi
September 18, 2018

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They do not matter in the slightest. Not at all.

All of this focus on clearing limiting beliefs is part of an old structure that is outdated. It is keeping us distracted from our hearts and in a spin cycle of perpetual self-improvement.

It was necessary as a point in time, as a step on the path of waking up to the true potential of being human.

But, it is only a step as this way of thinking and approaching our inner lives is predicated on the false notion that you must attain some kind of inner or spiritual perfection, and that when that happens, only good and wonderful things will flow to you. If the reality you want is not happening, it is because of you.

The underbelly of this idea is that if life is doing what life does, moving according to its plan and not your own, there is something wrong with your programming. That there is something wrong with you.

So, you stay stuck in a loop of blaming yourself and using spiritual methods to flog yourself, rather than loving yourself for all that you are. It keeps us disconnected and separate, judging other people and fearing ourselves… always trying to fix ourselves.

This has to change.

What is it that prevents us from opening completely, being present and moving with the flow of life and connection and love… aligning with truth and love and our own highest good?

Pain. Unmetabolized pain that has us believing that there is something wrong with us, that we must search inside for fault-finding when life does what life does and people who are wounded transmit their pain and wounding to others, creating ancestral lines of pain.

Most of our pain is pain because it has never known love.

We have not received love in the places of our soul-wound. So, we do not know how to love it.

Our nervous systems are wired in such a way that the pain is stuck in there and we get confused… confusing unsafe things that are familiar as love, and fearing things that are actually good for us. Attacking ourselves at the level of mind and judging ourselves, our bodies and our inner, magical children for not knowing better.

This programming of limiting beliefs being our problem is conditioning us to re-enact old, ancient ways of emotional abuse on our inner world. It is not supporting us to open our hearts, embody our souls and become connected with all that is.

This is the next step — becoming literate in what it takes to heal our soul-wounds, to heal the places that have us shrinking from all of life, hiding from life as life does what it does. How can we open more? More to this moment? More to love? More to awkwardness? More to discomfort? More to whatever arises and welcome it knowing that we stand strong in knowing the strength and power of our own hearts?

Your limiting beliefs do not matter. Your broken heart does.

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi


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