Love Wins: The Aquarian Age of Being

LOVE Wins: The Aquarian Age of Being

Megan Mulligan
September 18, 2018


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Here we are. Together. On the brink of a new world. Egos cast aside. The truth rises up without condition. Boundless love surrounds all, and echoes to infinity.

We are one. The separation drops. Unity consciousness welcomes the dawn and neighbors greet each other again.

The sun rises and light win, again. Disillusion swept aside, we remember who we are. Divine souls of consciousness living inside of earth suits. Spiritual beings.

Our work on planet earth is this: To remember who we are. To embody unconditional love. To anchor in light. And to heal old stories, constructed by fear, in the pursuit.

We are here to heal literally everything that stands in the way of love. True love. Pure self-love. Love inspired by Source. Abundant in every way.

The Piscean age bore fear. It is the past. Designed by patriarchy and religious institutions that ruled by black-and-white thinking. Guilt and shame. Right and wrong.

Gender identities, artificial divisions of this time. Created to separate brothers from sisters. To condition thinking and splinter the consciousness of union within. They created dependency.

Needs of the community were cast aside. The individual bore life’s sense of freedom. A systematic design for individualistic thinking: “Climb to the top of the heap.”

But we are here today in a new age — the age of love. It is called the the Aquarian Age. A time to shepherd in and heal divisions. To salve the heart of society and the heart of every person.

The Aquarian age is about unconditional love. Unity consciousness. Belief in your fellows. Women for women, for men, for folks of gender-fluid design. For all of them, we unite, in love.

Separation sheds and pure love remains. The strongest energy of all, love is a direct connection to everything. It embodies every person, structure, exchange, and cell. Love also embodies God.

Thousands of lightworkers are here. To usher in and propel the new earth’s love-design. The path is clear. Each block or structure created in the past serves as our mile-markers as we identify archaic designs in the light and let love serve as the gateway.

With this lens of light, we see through the web of social conditions designed by control, and identify love as the way through. Love, forgiveness, and acceptance become our new consciousness in the Aquarian Age.

You have the power in the Aquarian Age to initiate change in yourself first. A perspective shift. A thinking change. And then a deep, deep inner healing.

From here, your very vibration lifts. And this, my friends, is how we can help others. By healing in pure love, you have the strength to spread light just by being. You can help heal the communities you are a part of.

In love, fear does not exist. Guilt and shame cannot thrive. In pure love, only that remains. Love literally strips away everything it is not. Love leaves only truth.

And the truth, the golden truth, sets us free. It feeds strength and prepares our world for a new dimension of being. Heaven anchors on earth. And love wins.


Megan Mulligan


4 thoughts on “Love Wins: The Aquarian Age of Being

  1. “In love, fear does not exist.” This made me think of one of my favorite scripture passages. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” (1 John 4:18, ESV) It also reminds me of the words of the Buddha: “It is in this way that we must train ourselves: By liberation of the self through love. We will develop love. We will practice it. We will make it both a way and a basis, take a stand upon it, store it up, and thoroughly set it going.”

    1. It is so true, for liberation of the self cannot be done through fear, and only through Love!Thank you very much for your visit and comment!

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