Shifting Winds

Shifting Winds

Ann Litts

Photo by Andras Kovacs on Unsplash

Often you feel the change in weather long before you see the storm approaching. Animals will give us clues. There will be silence where there once was chatter. Subtle shifts happen in the atmosphere also. And you know in every cell of your body — the weather is about to change.

I always loved the way the sky would make everything look greenish-yellow and the wind would blow the leaves up and backward just before the dark clouds rolled in and lightning hit. You might even be able to hear far-off thunder rolling through the valleys in the rural area I grew up in.

I adore storms. To this very day.

A good storm will wash clean all the debris. It will clean the air of all the pollen. It will leave its own scent in the air long after it’s blown away. And it is a show among shows in the Natural world. And there are the rainbows.

Life is full of storms of all kinds. We can sit quietly and watch the weather change in any area of our lives. The storms will come, roll through, and leave behind them their own scent. How we react to the storms is always up to us.

We can live in fear of the blow of the wind on our faces or the feel of the rain on our heads. We can be afraid of every bit of lightning or clap of thunder that comes our way.

Or we can take in the experience, sense the change in the weather, and roll with it. We can enjoy the show, wonder at the magic of it all, and bask in the gifts left in its wake.

We can raise our faces to the sun that shines after every single storm and look for the rainbows.

It is always our choice. For me — I will always love storms.

I started this post weeks before Hurricane Florence formed and headed straight for my beloved NC coastline. Now The Universe is testing my resolve. Will I still love The Storm that sweeps clean/destroys/rebirths something I hold most sacred? The Storm that forever changes the face of My Peaceful Place? Will I still love The Storm that travels nearly 200 miles straight up I40 right to my front door with hurricane force winds — disrupting my life/causing me to miss work/knocking out my power/screwing up my ability to enjoy simple daily pleasure (like COFFEE)?

Is Hurricane Florence a metaphor for all The Storms internal, external, literal, and metaphysical I cannot control which blow my way?

The answer to all the above is YES. Hell, YES!

Kali, Destroyer/Creator Goddess is Mother Nature’s favorite Daughter in Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Wildfires. She is uncontrollable in Her lust to reclaim what is HERS so Mother Nature may rebirth The Earth.

So yes, I will indeed love This Storm as well. Because She is sent by The Universe to play Her part in Creation. Because Rebirth always follows The Storms.


Ann Litts