To Awaken Is To Know You Are What Religion Calls God

To Awaken Is To Know You Are What Religion Calls God

An Explanation Of How You Create Your Reality.

Story Waters

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Today’s text has been a work in progress for a while as it is an updated version of the opening text from my second book “You Are God. Get Over It!” (available from Amazon). In it, I tried to summarize the whole book in the opening three pages and many people have since told me how, when they first read it, they found it hard to penetrate. And yet, when they had finished the book, it then made complete sense (to the degree that they couldn’t remember how they initially did not understand it).

I have wanted to update this text for a while to see if I could write a “friendlier” version that wouldn’t require reading the whole book in order to understand it. This is what I have come up with. I hope you enjoy it.

love, Story

You Are God.

“You Are God” means that, even though you identify as human, you are consciousness in human form. And when the nature of non-­physical existence is understood, the word “God” describes consciousness.

You are an embodiment of the one indivisible consciousness in existence and, just because your current chosen form has caused you to temporarily forget your infinite and eternal nature, this does not stop it being your nature.

  • You are non-physical consciousness — even if you are currently within the choice to temporarily believe your predominant nature is physical.
  • You are infinite — even if you are currently within the choice to temporarily believe you are finite.
  • You are immortal — even if you are currently within the choice to temporarily believe you are mortal.
  • You are God — even if you are currently within the choice to temporarily believe you are “only” human.

This is to understand that a founding aspect of being human is “the forgetting” that you are God.

This forgetting is often called “The Veil of Forgetting” or just “The Veil”. Hence, to awaken, is to see through the veil.

To become human is to forget. 
To awaken is to remember.

The experience of remembering what was forgotten when you birthed into human form is called awakening, but it is not to awaken to something that exists outside you; it is to awaken to your wider nature (that continues to exist and operate even though you are unconscious of it) through the exploration of the unique experience of consciousness this life offers you.

When in human form, we can describe what we are by using adjectives which describe the human definition we have chosen. However, these adjectives only describe your temporary, mortal form; they do not describe what you are as eternal-consciousness. This means you cannot describe consciousness, which we are each an expression of, through the particulars of its embodied form because consciousness exists within every embodied form.

The only way to describe consciousness in terms of outward definition is to say that consciousness is ALL definition, as there is nothing in creation that is not an expression of it.

Consciousness is infinitely expressed through creation.

Consciousness is not a thing. It is not any this or that. It is the quality of beingness or “I am” that unites all life.

When our consciousness is understood in these terms (as opposed to being “a thing” we each inexplicably possess through biological evolution, it can be seen how consciousness is what religions call “God”, as it is that which creates and unifies all life.

To understand how God and consciousness are the same is to understand that they both describe All That Is. God is beingness and we are each the choice to be whatever we are.

All that “be”, are God, because God is “to be”.

God is the all and the nothing; it encompasses all definition and all that cannot be defined. Anything that “is”, that possesses the quality of “isness”, is God.

In saying “God”, I mean no more and no less than the beingness from which all experience flows. No more means I attach no limitation to it; no mechanism of control, such as ideology or dogma. No less means it is All That Is, including all expressions of limitation, such as ideology and dogma.

God is consciousness, and that is the infinite freedom to be from which all realities birth. Being that which underlies all that can be experienced, God is both the creator and perceiver of all experience.

God is that which creates itself — it is the creator and the created.

SIDENOTE: The personified God, as represented in many religions, is a denial of our power of creation. Though these religions seek to connect us with an idea of God, they also enforce a belief we are separate from its limitless state of being. They then sell themselves as the one true gateway across this divide, making the route to God pass through their own set of rules.

Though organized religion was once a representative expression of humanity, it no longer reflects the experience of spirituality that most people currently experience. The dawning sense of spirituality at this time in our evolution is typified by the feeling of God within, and is reflected in people choosing to form their own personally defined sense of spirituality, rather than taking on the dogma, old fashioned traditions, and ritualized behavior of religion.

Consciousness is present in all creation. To appreciate the beauty of a sunset or the magnificence of the ocean is to experience a reflection of yourself.

Creation is the power to be. To fully experience your infinite nature is to connect with the power of creation that you are, and allow your mortal self to be it. To say God is infinitely free is to say you can be anything.

To grasp the enormity of this is to let go of the idea of God being like a person:

  • In you, God is a person.
  • In a tree, God is a tree.
  • In a river, God is a river.
  • Whatever consciousness chooses to be, it is.

Creation is not some “thing” that is external to you. Creation is not separate from anything. Creation is the experience of your fully conscious self / all-selves / unified-consciousness.

You are God choosing to embody the power of creation through the experience of being you. This is expressed as your individuated free will. Freedom is not just the ability to choose between things; it is the ability to create what you are. You are the infinitely free power of creation choosing to be you.

You are God within an act of choice.

You are “that which chooses” and you are currently choosing to be human.

You are God choosing to be you.

All that you experience flows from consciousness. This includes not only your inner experience, but the experience of your external reality.

You are experiencing different aspects of beingness through the creation of your individuated reality. And, just as God is “the creator” of All That Is and yet “is” All That Is, so too are you both the creator of yourself and the experience of that self.

You are the creator of all that you perceive, and all that you perceive is created to express what you are.

The result of this is that all embodied consciousness lives within the reflection of itself which, in terms of mortality, means we each live within the reflection of our own choice; the choice of what we are conscious of versus what we choose to be unconscious of.

Reality is not something separate from you; it is not something you are contained within. It is the expression of what you are choosing to be.

You are not just creating your inner experience of self, you are creating the experience of your complete reality (inner and outer). What you are is not contained within your body, your history, or your knowledge. Although these are meaningfully chosen creative expressions, they are not what you essentially are.

To experience your infinite self — which is your spirit — is to experience yourself as the creator of your reality.

To create something is to choose it. Therefore, to know yourself as the creator of your life is to embrace that you are choosing your own experience. This requires you to stand in the breadth of perspective capable of seeing the wisdom of that choice, and that is to love your choice, and that is to love yourself.

The experience of your spirit is consciously realized through unconditional love for All That You Are.

When you do not love what you are, how can you believe you are the one choosing it?

Initially, it may be easier to see your infinite nature as “the will” that guides creation, and “the creation of that will” (your reality) as the experience. However, as you start to experience your unity with All That Is, you will come to see how the desire for an experience and the experience of that desireare the same.

This is to live in the eternally present moment where there is no separation between your will and its realization into reality.

To deny that your reality is the expression of your will is to deny your creatorship and, by extension, your infinite nature. Because of this denial, those areas of your life you believe are outside your control are indeed outside your control (until such time that you take back your power of creatorship).

By denying that you are the creator of your experience, you give away your power of creation and, as a result, you will have experiences that you will refuse to believe you would create for yourself. These experiences are the manifestation of your belief that “I am NOT the creator of my reality” and they reflect an aspect of your being (namely “the creator” aspect) that you are resisting.

You cannot cease being a creator because you cannot stop being who you are. However, as an infinitely free creator, you can manifest your own denial of your creatorship when embodied. This denial forms much of our experience of being human.

To consciously be God, you must believe you are God.

It is only through the denial of our creatorship that we can create things which appear to oppose what we want. In this way, all experiences are a choice, even those that are the choice to give away your power of choice.

You possess the paradoxical choice to “not-choose”. Know, however, that the choice to take back your power of creation can never leave you and it will be inevitably returned to at the time of death.

Your power of creation is the freedom of your will and it can never leave you — it is what you are.

You are the choice to be a creator in individuated form. Nothing except your own fear can hold you from the realization that you are creating your own experience. As such, you are the only force in reality that blocks you.

To live in freedom is to feel the courage to take complete ­responsibility for the state of your life — for it is to know yourself as the creator of your life. It is to experience, through the clarity of love for your being, that you are eternal-consciousness. And that is to know, regardless of how you feel about the word, that each and everyone of us is what religion calls God.

Story Waters


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