Faces of Love (59)

YOUR own Path

Nobody can tell you which road is the right one for you,

for any road you take, brings you the right people and right things into your life

at the right moment.

You will never get lost,

for you always take the right steps on

YOUR own unique path of life.


your own path.001PHOTO CREDIT: PIXABAY

With Love,


7 thoughts on “Faces of Love (59)

  1. Daniela

    Amin ! ….Is so true. Thank you Manuela, all the good in the world for you !
    I embrace you with great dear, wishing you a blessed weekend,
    all my love and respect ! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your message and love, dear Daniela!
      You are such a beautiful soul!
      <3 All my love and respect to you! <3

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