Faces of Love (79)

The Key of Life

You are created as a harmonious human being, as a real balance of body, mind & spirit.

Body: your left side is the mirror of the right one and the other way round, connected through the spine, “the bridge” of your physical balance. Also, your body is the “bridge” for both your mind and spirit, in this lifetime.

Mind: the left hemisphere and the right one are connected together through the Corpus Callosum, “the bridge” of  your mind balance. 

Spirit: It is the life force and your heart is a “bridge” to your soul. Following your soul, your intuition, you feel free/ limitless.

The alignment of your soul and mind creates the manifestation of your desires.

Any deformation or resistance, anything that is used more or less in any of the parts, unbalances your life.

The alignment of the YOUR trinity: body, mind & soul, makes you a self-confident human being, a beautiful flow of energy.

It is only your responsibility to find YOUR life Key:

YOUR balance!



With much Love,