Faces of Love (89)

Your Words

Your spoken words may hurt others, for it is the way they perceive them.

Unspoken words hurt you, for it is the way you repress yourself.

Honor YOURSELF and speak your voice!

honor yourself.001PHOTO CREDIT: PIXABAY

With Love,


6 thoughts on “Faces of Love (89)

    1. In my opinion, when speaking my voice, I do not intend to hurt anyone, so why should I choose my words and tone of voice? For me, that is masking my fears of hurting others for I am going to be hurt back. Moreover, honoring my being, I honor every being … Thank you for your visit and comment!

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      1. You did not say the wrong thing. Nobody can say what is good and what is wrong for we perceive the things differently. I am sure you honour every being including yourself, because you write what you feel! 🙂 Thank you!

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