Wonderful Wordless World (1)

The Matterhon Mountain

Zermatt, Switzerland

switzerland-862870__340 zermatt 2PHOTO CREDIT: Pixabay

This is my first post from an intended long series named “Wonderful Wordless World”, posts of pictures of our world beauty.

As I always say, everything happens for a reason. So, the reasons for these posts are two:

1. One of my wildest dream since I was a little child, was to know people all over the world, to see/ visit different places, to know more about the beauty of the world I live in; to live in a community where respect, beauty and love prevails on hate, anger, ego … for we all are only visiting the Mother Earth. 

2. I am aware that no matter how long we live, how much money we have, we cannot visit all the beauties our world has, but we can see them due to the internet and people who love taking photos and sharing them on their blogs/ websites.

We all create our world with our thoughts and feeling, and we, bloggers and visitors, are a beautiful community, actually we are part of the humanity we live in. We All live in a Wonderful World and respecting and loving it, we leave the right legacy to the next generation.

Going back to the posts, I will use pictures of landscapes, plants, animals (usual and/ or unusual, all over the world) adding only their name. Everyone is more than welcome to send me pictures from their countries and/ or visited places, and what they represent, adding your name and/ or your website address. Those pictures will be posted giving you the full credit for your work. 

Why wordless posts? For in my opinion, sometimes words either cannot express the right feelings for a thing or they are not enough for doing it; those interested by pictures will search for whatever information they wish. Besides, a great picture charge the “positive batteries” and make you feel full of energy. 

However, those who do not like what I am doing, please feel free to keep scrolling the blogs, looking for whatever makes you happy; do not add in your comments what you would do, if you were me, for I am not interested to change my posts to polish your ego. For that, please be yourself and make your own blog, posting whatever you want. Moreover, I won’t post naughty comments or change “inaloveworld” in someone else’s “inahateworld”. I lived long enough in … 🙂

I do believe that people are beautiful, and can live in respect and love. Maybe you think I am crazy … but I know there are many people who share the same belief as I do … 🙂 and “people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” (Steve Jobs)

Thank you ALL for reading it.

With All my Love,





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