Faces of Love (105)

YOUR Life Story

Your life is full of decisions you make since you open your eyes in the morning and til you go to bed. You decide what you want to eat, drink, wear, speak to  and everything is usually done because you feel that way, you choose to do it. Otherwise you feel pain inside you, for you do not follow what you like, but what is a “must”. For me,  deciding your actions through others’ eyes, is writing your own story through eyes of fear. Making your own decisions is living in Love, writing a story of love for you and All.

Ego likes separation and control, love likes freedom and unity.

Ego is hate, anger and negativity, love is compassion, kindness and positivity.

Where is fear and ignorance, there is ego and negativity. It is said that a thief does not go to steal where light is on, because he will be seen. Light discourage him …  It is the same with you. The more you look for answers regarding your life, the more light you make in your life. Looking for answers, asking, reading, you gain knowledge and knowledge is power, “your power”. 

Ego is born in fear and brings limitations of your mind. Letting fear go, your limitations will die, and love expands.

You have lived in ego’s world, but you can live in love’s world.

A Master or a Guru can be a balm when you are aching, but Neither a Master nor a Guru can choose the world for you, for you are the only one who make the choice through your thoughts and feelings. Besides, the world you choose to live in, is the right one for you.

When your life tries to discourage you, you are the one who can encourage it! 

Write YOUR life story with Love for you and All!

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