The New Year – Part 1

The New Year – Part 1 (January 2019)

Bill Attride


Whence – Where – Whither

Part 1 – Whence

As we attempt to discern the spiritual themes of the coming year, it is helpful to consider what we have just encountered in 2018. It is most certainly true that the tests faced, and the lessons learned in any one year may continue into the following year (or several years), as the unfoldment of one day into the next is certainly driven and informed by energies and experiences that wax and wane over many weeks, months and years.

Pluto in Capricorn — The End of an Age

For Earth as a whole, the most important planetary influences remain in place, with some variations on a theme we have been faced with for some time now. Certainly, the passage of Pluto through the Sign of Capricorn, (2008 through 2024), continues to provide the primary heartbeat of our spiritual challenge. I have called this once every 250-year cyclic period the “end of an age”, which was clearly so for the previous passages in the early 1500’s and the 1700’s. In those earlier periods, and I would think most by now would agree it is true for our own time too, the world seemed to fall apart as Political, Economic and Cultural disintegrations reverberated through all realms. But these spiritual earthquakes also heralded each time that a new age was dawning.

A new world is coming, but that requires that an old order give way. Of course, the fundamental nature of what it means to be human, our needs for food, shelter, companionship, love and security are ever-present, but they are also evolving/transforming, seemingly (or actually) at an exponential rate, which is in large part due to what is known as “the scientific revolution” that began several centuries ago.

Copernicus, Bacon, Galileo, Newton among many other “lesser knowns”, questioned assumptions passed down from time immemorial. This quickening of the human capability to know and alter our world has endowed humanity with powers that have seemingly outstripped our wisdom to wield them, whether in Physics = Nuclear weapons, or Biology = Bio-engineering.

Much that was will continue in some form of course, but much more of our social, economic and political structures will be reformed/transformed into new modes of expression, and they will certainly be informed by new ideas (or old ideas renewed) and meanings. The question remains, will we develop enough wisdom and humility to wield our “ring of power” (Intelligence) with unconditional love and compassion.

Uranus and Neptune — Individuality vs. Communality

Contributing to this shift of historical patterns last year (and the year before), was the first major alignment of Uranus with Neptune after their historic conjunction in 1993. From 2017 on through into the beginning of 2019, we have been influenced by the Uranus/Neptune SemiSquare which is the first significant aspect in their 170 cycle from conjunction to conjunction.

Uranus rules “Individuality”; I call Uranus the “Awakener”, as it is the Avatar of the Higher or Freer Mind that forms one of the three aspects of Spirit. Neptune rules “Communality”; Neptune is the Avatar of the Energy-Form that holds the whole of Creation as One, the one abiding force that binds all to all, Universal or Unconditional Love.

The integral relationship between these two reveals the paradoxical truth behind the mystery of the Universe’s constitution. Everything, every particle and every “Being” in this Universe is an individual that is a unique instance of spirit informed by its own Quintessence; yet all of these “ones” are One in Spirit and fundamentally indivisible from one another. Throughout all kingdoms of life, in age after age, there is an ever-shifting balance between these two principles, between the One and the many.

The tension between the Individual and the Community waxes and wanes in any culture or civilization. Whether we look at human “types” like Hunter/Gatherer, Farmer/Craftsperson or Rural/Urban (among many possible distinctions and differences), there will be found differing mixtures and balances (and oftentimes like now, imbalances), between these two great Energy-Forms that determine the degree to which Individual Freedom and Communal Harmony does or does not co-exist.

The recent past has seen a worldwide upheaval, marked now by the extremes of anarchic individualism and suffocating communalism, which signals we are at a most critical stage, where the old model of balancing Individuality/Communality has broken down, and the yet to emerge new model has not been fully formed nor understood. This world-wide confusion has produced a crisis of order and meaningfulness for the many who yearn for a life and world that is “Fair and Free”. Without a significant majority of people who hold to and act through an accepted integration of these two energy-forms, we are living through a period that is like an “in-between world”, where extremists are driving and dividing us further from one another.

How we hold these principals of Freedom and Community together within ourselves, and between one another, is part of our Spiritual Journey which can only be formed and forged by holding to an Integral Way of Living. We are on a journey from unconsciousness to full spiritual awakening, and as we remake ourselves and our world, we must strive towards ever more encompassing ways of holding together our “paradigms of understanding” and our “ways of being”.

From the physical through the spiritual, from the simplest to the most complex entities and systems, we must always strive to live a whole life, a good and beauty-filled life, which can be found and restored by remembering that there is a way to do this. That way can be found by remembering that these crises have come before, and at each moment our ancestors found a way by holding firm to the greatest truths, those precious jewels of spirit which never fade or falter. We need to remember that these luminous truths were discovered and passed down to us from the very beginning of our journey.

The Way

Whenever you are in doubt, you should turn (and so return) to the eternal truths of the Ancient Wisdom that continually re-emerge in age after age. This is so because Truth is equally within you as it forms all the worlds that surround you too. These Spiritual Truths are to be found everywhere you look, but most importantly, those very answers that you find “out there” will resonate within you because your higher self, your intuitive-knowing-self, will gently whisper “this is true”. This is because these Ancient Truths form the very substance of your heart and mind too.

At the true core of any Religion or Philosophy, within what is known as the Esoteric as distinct from the Exoteric forms of understanding, the Perennial Teachings are revealed and illuminate for you the one essential path. The Great Ones, the teachers who form a luminous river of truth about life and love, all of them came to serve this cause of spiritual integrity and truth, and they were guided in their heart and through their soul by the fundamental precept that there is “no religion higher than truth”.

As you look back now to the year that was, and turn to face the year that is dawning, take comfort from those who showed you the way long, long ago. You will be filled with a renewed faith, and you will know that you will make a better future for yourself and for one another. Remember you are never alone, and you walk the same path of the Great Souls who came before you, and they struggled for their self-mastery which you will achieve one day too:

Be guided by the Wise Ones, who know there is no religion higher than Truth.
Walk the path of the Great-Souls, who practice the Wisdom of Love.
Find inspiration in the Lonely Ones, their Willing-Sacrifice honored by
the Angels and Devas above.
Listen for the Voice of the Silence, attend the gentle whispers in your Heart,
And you will find “The Way”.

Next, “Where are we now?”

Bill Attride