How Much does YOUR Love Cost?

“Where there is love, there is life.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

They are words full of truth and wisdom. Actually, wherever you look around and see smiling faces, there you will find forests, trees, and flowers because they are the image of beauty, kindness, positivity, and love. Where the faces are moody, you will find stiffness, misery and cut forests, for they are the image of the anger, hate, indifference, and a negative world in which we live.

We have been taught to change everything in money, to give everything for a price, meaning for money. What about love? Can you honestly love only for money? After me, you can sell yourself for money, you can lie and kill for them, but if you are honest with yourself, you will see that deep, deep in your soul, you feel that you can not love when somebody tells you to.

Perhaps you have considered that you have done everything you could to maintain a relationship you wanted, but you did not ask yourself if your partner wants it or vice versa. When one of the two wants to break the relationship, there are reasons for it, and your reasons do not have to be the other’s one. No matter how much we want that love, that relationship, we are not the same, and we can not live together for as long as no emotion ever connects us. We can try maintaining a relationship using children as excuses, They will be in the middle of our problem and suffer the most from that. Those emotions that bind us to our children are different from person to person, for we are emotion, and vibrate differently.

I have heard often the words “he/ she does not deserve my love”. Who are you to judge someone for what they deserve? For how much love someone deserves. How do you know how much love someone deserves? If you feel that you have more love than someone else, give it and do not ask someone else what they have or how much they have. Every human being is looking for someone to offer his love but the one who only “blames” or complains can not offer true love, for he does not love himself.

When looking for reasons of not loving or loving less, you do not really love, for real love has no measurement and size. It is offered in all possible shapes and sizes. That’s why a woman can receive a diamond ring, and it can be unworthy for her, besides the emotions, a partner can convey when he honestly is telling her he loves her or doing things that show his respect for her. Diamonds will never take the place of the emotions you feel inside you at the beautiful words and appreciation offered by your partner.

Moreover, we have our limbic system and it does not refer to anyone and anything. This means that he does not make a difference between you and the others. He does not know about the past and the future, he takes everything you give, because he does not make any difference between giving and receiving. Your brain does not know who you blame and criticize or do not love, and he takes it directly. Your brain takes personally what you “think” of giving to others. Actually, what you give, is what you receive. 

A mother does not ask a price for loving a child her entire life, because her love is limitless. It is unconditional Love. She loves her baby no matter what he does and regardless of his age. A puppy loves his master unconditionally. Unconditional love is not stopped by anything because it is true. It does not know units of measurement, does not need weight and compliance. It does not need anything, because it just exists and is priceless, and it does not cost you anything.

How Can YOU Truly Love?

Give what you have within: LOVE!

Love the earth, the flowers, and the trees because they give you food, water, and roof.

Greet people you meet.

Smile, laugh and sing.

Respect your boundaries in a relationship with anyone.

Respect your truth, even if that means that others will judge you.

Change your way of dealing with things in your life.

Respects everyone’s approach because, for as I have said before, we do not think and feel the same.

Do not sell yourself for the sake of money and favors. You will not be more appreciated in the eyes of others and also, you will not get more love.

See the person next to you as you see yourself because he is also a man with desires, values, and dreams. He is not your property or a cloth.

Do what William W. Purkey says:

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.

William W. Purkey

True love means work and effort. It is not the work of making others love you because you will never succeed. It’s your work with yourself to see that you are worthy as anybody else is. It is your everyday effort to love yourself as you are. If you do not love, nobody will love you and you cry for no reason that you are not loved. What you do not do for yourself, no one will do.

The sun and the moon, the flowers and the trees, the wind and the ocean make us live and breathe their beauty and love.

We are born in love, we are love, and have so much love to give. It costs nothing to offer it through everything we do, and to anyone.

Offer LOVE. It does not cost you anything. Give to receive, for

Real LOVE costs nothing.

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With Love,

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11 thoughts on “How Much does YOUR Love Cost?

  1. Love is the most misunderstood concept of all time because they categorize love for example they say if you love someone you have to be caring towards that person but you can care and still not love so this is complex. All you need to know is that God is love.

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    1. As you have your point of view, everyone is entitled to his own one. For you, God is Love, for others is Allah or Universe … Love is All around you, no matter what form takes or how you name it.
      Thank you for your read and thoughts!


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