Do YOU Care?


“Humans are delusional in rationalizing, very self-serving and self-interested in things that are self-destructive. We are full of all these things that are running us.” (gserpent)

The way we show we care

These words express the image of the society we live in, where “our ego” is the most important and our world is divided into “I” and the rest of the world. We care and it’s normal to care about ourselves. How much? To what extent?

  • It happened to me to slip and fall in front of a store. Most of the people passing by indifferently, some have stopped for a moment and then moved on …
  • From the village I live, you have to walk on a rocky road around 5 km to the most appropriate town for shopping (I did not have a car at that moment and there is no bus for there is not money for 🙂 ). At my first walk,  my sandals were ruined. I took them down and started walking barefoot. Suddenly, a man from the village stopped his car and after asking me, he offered to drive me to the town. He said, “I saw you’re walking barefoot on this rocky road.” It was the only car that stopped and they were not a few passing by me.

There are people caring about those around them and others who do not, but the living proof of how we treat each other and everything surrounding us is our society. It is the way we transformed the world we live in.

Do you really care?

About Your Parents

I mean, do you really care about your old parents who cared for you, but you consider yourself busy earning money and prefer others to look after them? You only visit them when time “allows” you, and sometimes it means at his/her funeral.

Your Children

Do you really care about your child when he is crying after you, but you leave him with his grandparents, and you go abroad to earn money, to give him things that you have not had. Things get ruined or disappear, but the little man grows without his parent’s love.


Do you really care about nature? Do you think that your likes of others’ actions change the environment you live in? When you leave randomly all your garbage behind you or throw it into a bush or river, you hate nature. Should somebody else clean it after you? Is somebody else cleaning your kitchen after you? Nature needs action, love, and respect. It is all we want from others.

Other People

Do you really care about someone else’s pocket. If so, why do you steal him, do not pay your employees or cut their wages for different reasons?

Do you really care about people when you do not want to volunteer for those disabled for you do not get paid, or you raise your houses or go on holiday using funds for orphaned children or other institutions?

You really care about your partner when you have arguments most of the time, you are not interested in his desires. Maybe you hurt her, but you do not forget bringing her flowers and gifts on Valentine’s Day.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

You Really Care:

  • If you have not received the love you wanted, or as much as you wanted, you could do something different than others did for you. You can offer Love around you.

Things or money you give to your child make him happier for the moment. Maybe later, you’ll complain that he does not listen to anyone. Maybe, after years, you do not understand what happened to him and the obedient child you knew, became a thief, a runner or addicted.

  • Take care of your parents when they are still alive even if they did not treat you as you wanted, or how you would have expected. Think about them doing what they knew at that moment. Ask yourself how you will feel if you receive the same treatment from your children that you gave to your parents.
  • Respect your neighbor because you are neither superior nor better than him. Help him because what you give, is what you receive, but not from him. The universe has its ways and does not take into account who you are or how much money you have. It pays everything respecting its laws.
  • Do not throw your garbage randomly because nobody owes you to collect them. As you clean your table after you have your meal, clean the place you have been to. You drink water from the rivers you dumped the garbage. From the land where you throw the garbage, fruit, vegetables, and animals grow and they come on your table.

Selfish or Altruistic?

When you think that you do not care because you are not in a certain situation, or that you could be in that one, the ego speaks in you. When you think that you can also be in the other’s position in front of you, then you do it through altruism, unity, and love for All.

Do the best you can every day, for it costs you nothing to do well around you. It costs you nothing to care for people and earth. Caring is loving, and Love has no contract, no price, no program.

Love does not exist where you do not give a shit on what is happening, for LOVE exists when you really care.

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” 
― Robert A. Heinlein

With Love,

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