Do You Stop Believing in Yourself?


I said in a previous post that many people ask for someone else’s respect. My question was, do they respect themselves if they need others’ attention to feel respected?

To respect yourself is to love yourself and to believe in yourself and your dreams. It is regardless of the position of those around you. 

Do you believe in Yourself?

You can say you believe in someone else, in a supernatural force, but maybe you do not believe in yourself. Then why would anyone else do this?

Many people complain about the lack of support, bad luck of not achieving their dreams. It’s easy to give up, be a victim or blame someone else. Who do you want to work for them? Everyone has his dreams, and if you do not believe in yourself to achieve them, who should do it.

Unfortunately, we destroy many dreams from their birth, and some of them perish over time. When you do not believe in your dreams, you kill them because you’re afraid to face and accept them. You have to fight for them now and here in your present life. 

You know many things to do, but somewhere deep in your heart is your fear of being banished by people around you. Therefore, you listen to others with the horror of being judged again and again. According to their truth, you cannot achieve your dreams, for you do not have the necessary training or resources, and you cannot do what you want. 

In that way, some people do not fight for their dreams, for they do not know they could live their dreams; people who are more comfortable as they already live, and there is the idea that a change will complicate their life, and people who are afraid of making any move for it is what they believe – they are not able to do it. 

You know things you have known forever, but you have to look inside you for your inner power to start doing what you want to. Whenever you do not act following your heart voice, you find yourself in the position of regretting you have not done it.

How much do you believe in Yourself?

You believe in yourself when:

  • you respect yourself and follow your truth
  • think for yourself and do not take as being right somebody else’s truth
  • you take action for your dreams, no matter what others are saying or doing around you to stop you from doing what you want to
  • keep moving toward your goals no matter how hard it may seem to you or others to
  • do not mind obstacles on your path because you know that they are the ways used by the universe to test how much you wish to realize your dream.

As an example, I am going to tell you about my ex. He loved spending time repairing and fixing broken cars. He loved looking for any broken part, and to figure out the way he could fix it. He was reading different books and articles, searching on the internet, and looking for solutions on how to fix the cars. He could stay the whole day near the car, to take it apart into pieces and put them back together again. You may say it is a well-paid job, but unfortunately, he did not have a job in that area of fixing cars. He was not a car mechanic, but he had a passion for cars, and for all the broken things, to fix them, to be functional. It was his passion, and he believed he could fix them. I remember when we had some problems with one of the cars. He took out the injector, took it apart into pieces, cleaned it up, and put it back. When he put it back, the injector was shining. He tried a few times before he did it properly, but he did not give up. Moreover, he was not pleased with the way the engine was working after he looked at the first injector, so he took apart all four injectors, cleaned them, and put them back. He did it again and again from the beginning, and he succeeded in what he wanted. When finally he did all the work, I can say that I have seen what may not be seen often in people: a big smile on his face and so much gratitude for what he could do as children only have. He believed he could do it and succeeded. 

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

― Christian D. Larson

How to Believe in Yourself?

Do not judge either your or anybody else’s dreams.

Somewhere inside your heart is a truth, your biggest truth, and you know that anything is possible. 

It is the only voice you can believe, for your heart always tells you your truth, and You know what your heart is telling you, for it beats inside you.

Listen to others and take what resonates with your truth. Do not let them tell you what is right for you, for you know you are the one who knows your truth.

Complain less and act more.

Learn your lessons from any mistakes you make.

Try and try, and do not give up on your dream.

Make no excuses.

Believe in the magic that’s in you, its potential, what it can achieve. But most of all, believe in yourself and create a world where dreams become reality.

― Charlene A Wilson

Never stop Believing in Yourself!

With Love,

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    1. The past cannot be changed. Therefore, there is not reason for regretting anything. You can start achieving your dream in the “now” you choose it, for it is all we really have.
      May all your dreams come true!
      Thank you so much for your honesty and kindness!

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