Little things make a Big difference

Little things make a big difference

Every little thing is part of something big. Every great thing is built of small things. They are the basis of great things, so they can make a big difference through their existence.

Usually, we do not give importance to them. We are looking for great things because for ego, “great” means power and value. Therefore, we are taught to look at the whole or the great part of it without paying attention to the small things that compose it. Thus, we do not pay attention to small things, people with no higher education and simple lives. 

They seem insignificant to us. Are they?

Little things add up to big things

How would the sky be without stars? The forest without trees? The tree without branches, leaves and flowers? Flower without petals? Snow without flakes? Rain without drops? 

Every little thing has its place and purpose. Little things add up to big things.

So do we. When you look at a man or you see yourself in the mirror, you see clothes, jewelry, makeup. What if you look beneath the surface? What would you be without your interior, without mind and soul? An empty coat? The makeup wears off, the beauty fades, yet the warmth and soul beauty are there all the time. Moreover, each of us is a “little thing” of our world.

There are so many little things in our life and our soul enjoy them. Even if, there are things you do not pay attention to, they can change someone else’s day or destiny. They create magic because they have power.

Little things have great power

A smile

A smile has power for it has its beauty. 

“Just one smile

Immensely increases the beauty

Of the universe.”

― Sri Chinmoy 

Each smile can do it. There are not two identical smiles, for we are not two alike. We are all different and beautiful, for all souls are beautiful. Think of any child smiling at you. It is like the whole universe is yours.

Any smile turns on the light from within without. It is the known “so within, so without”. If your eyes are windows of your soul, your smile will be the door of it. Smiling, you open the door of your soul and its light shines. 

A gift

A gift is a seen or unseen drop of wrapped love. It is a form of unspoken words and expressed in a song, a picture, a photo, a perfume or a little box with beautiful ribbon. They are keys of letting love flow freely. They are a way of expressing gratitude, respect and love. In any seize it comes, a gift encapsulates a wish of freezing love for ever.

A flower is also a gift. It is a symbol of someone else’s respect and love for you. You smile when receiving it, for as Ralph Waldo Emerson says:

“The earth laughs in flowers.”


A word can also be a gift. Deep in your heart, words are always waiting to be written, spoken or expressed.

Write or speak the words wanted to be born and let your loved ones or the whole world know how much you care about. Let them inspire, and they may become flowers instead of weeds. 

Thank you

It happened to me to thank people and be asked why I do it. Many times I was a little surprised. I think we are so caught up in our daily lives run that we forget how to thank or receive a warm and sincere “thank you”. We forget simple words, a small thing that can bring a big smile on someone else’s face. When someone does it, they have a reason to say those words “thank you.” Maybe you have given them a hint they needed, a solution they were looking for, or you just lighted their sky on that day.

If it’s hard for you to do it is your ego that does not feel well. It wants to be superior to others.


It is not easy for ego to say “I’m sorry”, in a society where the ego dominates. Where everyone wants to be right. Where each one feels better or worthier than the one we should say those words to. However, when spoken, they do not change the past but lets things go at their own pace. These words build bridges between the past and the future. 

Sorry is a question that begs forgiveness, because the metronome of a good heart won’t settle until things are set right and true. Sorry doesn’t take things back, but it pushes things forward. It bridges the gap. Sorry is a sacrament. It’s an offering. A gift.”

― Craig Silvey

I love you

In my opinion they are the most difficult words to be said. Most of the time they are said because we are afraid of losing something or someone from our lives. Telling them deep from your soul, they have power, for you are not afraid of anything. You know love is there in any soul waiting its door to be opened.

A smile, a word, a flower, a song, a picture are all little things in our life. Regardless their seize, they have power and impact on our lives and those around us.

“May your message to the world be the music that inspires the listener’s soul to dance.” ― Nanette Mathews

Giving and receiving little things, they bring happiness to everyone. They become the keys to unlock someone else’s soul door.

“Never underestimate the power

of a simple smile, a kind word

or the acknowledgement of another.

Little gestures can move mountains.”

―  David Cuschieri

Little things have great power for they add up to big things. Bearing your energetic print, those little things make a big difference in our world.

The perfect time for them is NOW!

With Love,

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25 thoughts on “Little things make a Big difference

    1. Mă înclin cu recunoștință în fața frumuseții tale sufletești și îți mulțumesc pentru fiecare clipă ce o petreci citind aceste postări.
      Fiecare zi să îți fie binecuvântată!


  1. Heeei Manuela, cuvintele tale sunt magice, ridică suflete apăsate, zdrobite, încurcate, întristate, iar eu îți Mulțumesc din Suflet pentru că de fiecare dată pui pe fața de masă a sufletului nostru doar “hrană” vie, hrană care ajută trupul, mintea și sufletul și ne face să zburăm, mai ales acum în această lună și perioadă din an care datorită scurtelor ore de lumină poți ușor să te pierzi prin bezna labirintelor vieții..

    O Săptămână Minunată din parte mea !!!


    1. Mă bucur din suflet că pot fi de ajutor și îți mulțumesc pentru timpul pe care il acorzi lecturii acestor posturi și pentru cuvintele frumoase pe care le așterni în urma ta.
      O zi minunată să îți fie fiecare zi!


  2. consciousresan

    I love this so much. Getting back to basics- thank you, I love you and I’m sorry- simple but transformational words ❤


  3. Another wonderful post Manuela, thank you! In addition, my husband has said that he really appreciates small touches, when I casually touch his hand, face, shoulder, whatever, that little connection can mean a lot! Have a great week!


    1. In my opinion, a person who likes small touches is a very sensitive person and deeply in love with his wife.
      Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Thank you for your kindness!


  4. In the busy and intense world sometimes we forget or don’t bother these little things but I am realizing that taking time to share the love makes difference to people’ Lives and mine. Thank you for sharing this post xx


    1. You are right! Moreover, love has the highest vibration and we do make a big difference to everyone’s life.
      Thank you for taking your time to read and comment! xx


  5. Beautiful post. Yup little things make a big difference. But the basic thing is start from somewhere and try to make a difference. Like a friends once said” if you can’t love yourself no one is going to love you”. I have started loving myself from this moment on…..


    1. You and your friend are right! Actually, what you don’t give to yourself, nobody else can and the best moment to start something new in your life is “now”!
      Thank you very much for your read, comment and appreciation!


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