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We live in a Universe that works according to its laws. Nobody knows where the beginning is and where the end will be. A universe in which Nothing is random and everything follows an order that man is still trying to know. It is said that “Knowledge is power.” (Francis Bacon). Yet, what knowledge are we talking about? Is it mind knowledge or soul wisdom?

You get knowledge from books, but wisdom is within you 

We read, learn, get educated, get diplomas and yet we know so little. But some people did not go to school or have in-depth studies and know things that those who get educated do not know. Also, some children surprise us with wise words that come out of their mouths. They haven’t been to school yet and still, they know things that require a lot of learning or life experience.

Moreover, nature surprises us even if it does not get educated. Moreover, it resists storms, snow, “death” because it follows what it knows.

The sun rises and sets in the same way always… no one knows for how long. The trees put on and take off their clothes following their knowledge. The flowers grow and bloom following their knowledge stored in the tiny seed from which they are born. Also, water can retain information, says Dr Jacques Benveniste and Dr Masaru Emoto shows that through his experiences.

In the society we live in, we call people who follow the wisdom of their soul as successful people or chosen people. They are the ones who do not follow a certain pattern but follow their path, dreams and desires.

Successful people are people who do not give up what they want. They follow their soul. They are not scared of failures because they know that every failure is just a lesson. Instead, they use all the opportunities that life offers and follow their path regardless of the obstacles arising. They look for solutions using mind knowledge. 

Is knowledge good or bad?

Knowledge is a treasure, but the practice is the key to it.

– Lao Tzu

Knowledge can be good

Knowledge is good as long as it is used for the good of All. Not only for those who feel strong due to their premises they have arrogated to themselves and the fear they manipulate the masses with.

You can think of those who had believed in their dreams and did not let themselves be intimidated, those who defied the lack of trust they encountered. Thus, there is electricity, cars and technology. Those who invented them believed in the power of their dreams. They believed in the unseen and gave a good sense to knowledge. They had the desire of the soul and used the knowledge of the mind to create what was once just a desire coming out from the wisdom of the soul.

We all belong to the same planet, the same Universe as nature does. It gives us everything unconditionally. What about the man…? 

Knowledge can be bad

Many centuries ago, knowledge and both books and soul wisdom were punished to death in different ways because of money and the wish pf power. Nowadays, we live in a society where almost everything comes down to money and power. We are punished in a more sophisticated way: the poison in daily bread, water and food. The poison from the media, and the internet that chains through fear the knowledge of the mind and the wisdom of the soul. Also, through wars and bad news that separates and keep us divided us into races, colours, nations, religions… 

Knowledge can be bad.

Who owns the knowledge?

With or without much knowledge, we are all created the same. It is said that we are created in the image and likeness of a god. But the same god wants to punish us and does not want us to know.

He seems to be a selfish, an egotistic god. He wants knowledge only for himself. In this way, manipulate people through fear and make you believe that he or another/ others have more power than you do. Are you not created in his image? Then, you know, too.

Who has more power than you?

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Trying to believe outside you, you feel weak and small. It is said that you give your power to the people and things you believe in. Whereas when you believe in yourself, the power is yours. Therefore, when you do things as you feel them, following the wisdom that comes from within, you feel good, you feel happy. Following that, your mind will use the knowledge gained from books to find solutions to what you want.  

It is the way that creates a balance between heart and mind that you need to become the creator of your life. Or it is said that your mind descended into your heart.

We have our knowledge vs. wisdom that resides in our soul. It believes in the unseen but it is what it knows. Where your mind finds thousands of doubts and reasons for not doing something, your soul will only tell you to move on. By believing your soul, you know that your power lies in you, in your soul wisdom and mind knowledge. You know that anything is possible. 

We have our knowledge vs. wisdom that resides in our soul. It believes in the unseen but it is what it knows. While your mind might find thousands of doubts and reasons for not doing something, your soul will only tell you to move on. By believing your soul, you know that your power lies in you, in your soul wisdom and mind knowledge. You know that anything is possible. 

Learning to know

The knowledge of all things is possible

Leonardo da Vinci

When learning to know, you often fall on your way. But that is not because you don’t have the right to know or that you are worse than others. You fall just to learn to use every opportunity that is offered to you!

Your power of knowledge is not tied to a saviour outside you. Don’t expect anyone to drip anything into your heart because you are the one who has to knock on the gate of your soul “knock and it will open for you”. You are the one who needs to believe in him “believe and do not research”. The only hero is you and you will open the gate when you return to the wisdom of the soul and believe what it tells you.

See your soul as your teacher that is with you all the time. It always gives you the wisdom you need, and your mind offers the knowledge of the solutions for what you want. You choose how you use both your mind knowledge and soul wisdom. Just remember:

A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do.

Christopher Pike, Sati

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