How good is your Life Path?

We say that some people do not choose the right path in life. Of others, we say that they have chosen the wrong one. Each of us is unique and makes or should make our own choices. Every opinion is based on what we as humans live and experience. But how does one know whether a life path is good or bad for others? What we see as good, others see as bad, or what we see as wrong, others see as good, or regardless of whether it is good or bad, their choice is the only way they can find it at the time.

In my opinion, everyone chooses the most suitable path for them.

Life is our greatest teacher. We don’t shape a life — life does this based on what we are here to learn and what we have signed up for.

Twin flames

Why do we make certain choices?

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Some choices we make out of the fears we live in, and others we make by letting our soul guide us. Whatever choice we make we build our life path.

Fears are within us, and we carry them wherever we go into the world. They are our baggage. Some say to ignore them, but the weight we feel on us or inside us, we cannot ignore it. Ignoring fears we let them live, and they become bigger. Stepping over them and having the courage to confront them will make them weak and disappear. Accepting them as part of us we accept change and pain.

When you feel something over and over, it is your truth echoing the direction towards your unique path. Release the fears and follow it.

Kristen Butler

Change and pain

As a road might have curves and intersections, the life path offers us all kinds of opportunities to turn right or left and to make choices at its intersections. Whichever path we choose, it will give us ups and downs. We will know change and feel pain. However, we do not like to change direction because we do not know what it offers us. We do not know what is next for us. Besides, we do not accept changes because they come with pain. In our mind, pain is associated with illness. That could cause death which is our biggest fear. Because of that we try to avoid pain and avoid changes.

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The pain burns

Yet, changes all come for our transformation. That is our evolution and growth. We try to convince others not to make our choices or to change their choices to what we see as good. However, it is said that everything that happens to us is for our highest good to learn to love ourselves and others.

A change that comes into our lives can bring pain, and this burns and purifies. To learn to love we need to go through the fire of pain.

Where the fire of pain has passed, traces, and scars remain.

Scars are the prints left by thorns of life. These are the traces used by life to show us what we went through. Looking at them with love is learning from the pain of the wounds. It is a way of telling us that the unseen fire of love eases the pain and cares for the scars.


They will become the symbol of the burning pain that cleared our life path at some point.

Following your path

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Once you realize that all the experiences and pain we go through are for your highest good. Embracing them, you discover your true life path.

Every path can indeed lead us somewhere. Even if we consider that we are at the end of the road, we got there to look for other solutions, to see that as long as we are alive, we have the opportunity to try something else and to see that every end brings with it a new beginning. Maybe we have to see that we need to go back to the last intersection we passed not long ago to change direction again, enjoy the lessons learned and start digging a new path.

With the change and pain, with sunshine and storm, the path we walk on is only our path. It is sprinkled with our choices and is the best way to teach us the lessons we need in this life. The life path we follow is the best one for us!

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7 thoughts on “How good is your Life Path?

  1. A lot of wisdom here. I agree with what you said about scars and wounds. Our life path is ours and ours alone. We must make our decisions and deal with our on issues. Great post. ❤️🦋

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  2. Very nice post, pain and change are so related! We should embrace them and see them with acceptance mentality for they pave a way for our right path in life .
    Thanks for sharing this.

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