Wounds, Scars and Love

We are hurting each other, and also the earth, in one way or another. We cry and complain about wounds and scars. It is a way we see as being «normal» in our world. What about changing our attitude through kindness, and gratitude? What about using the flames of love?

Love is a fire that burns unseen.

 Luís Vaz de Camões


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Telling any story is telling wounds.

Antonio Gal

We talk about our pains, not just waiting for someone else to help us overcome them. We can tell talk about them as many times as we want. In our selfishness that feels good when hurting others, we expect mercy and compassion. With hatred and malice for what we had to live, we maintain the wounds.

Luule Viilma says: «The bad is a negative emotion that destroys. It has five signs by which it is recognized:
Excessive magnification

If the signs show up together, the body tells us that it ‘caught fire’ and we need to change something urgently because the fire is worse than the criminal».

At the same time, we consider ourselves religious. However, no matter what faith we believe in, do we forgive those we feel are guilty of our pain?

Do we forgive those who have other opinions? Do we forgive those who say what they think? Those who do not do what we know they should do. Do we forgive those who leave us because they have chosen a new direction on their life path?

However, we agree that change is coming from within. If everything is within, who will change the direction of your life? Who will heal your wounds?


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Everything that happens to a mature man is, first of all, his own mistake. The body expects a correct understanding from him.

Luule Viilma

Whenever you tell about your pain and wait for mercy and forgiveness, you will feel better for the moment. It will not be for long. Telling what hurts you without making any changes in your way of thinking and acting still recreates the reality you live. One with other characters. One with new events which reopen your wounds and bring the same pain to the surface, again and again.

At first, we say that our soul hurts. Then, we feel it physically, and wonder why the physical pain arises. We look for the doctor and the drugs. Sometimes it is in vain. In fact, we treat the effects and not the causes, instead of looking within for the root of the pain.

Maybe we say there is not a wound anymore. Yet, the scars cover unresolved wounds. Those we did not understand, accept. Those we did not forgive.


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Every event in life leaves a mark. Scars do not only remain from wounds. The scar is a sign of unforgiveness. For the one who forgives, the wounds will disappear.

Luule Viilma

Change comes when you try to understand why you did what you did. When you put out the fire of wickedness without feeling worthless. It is when you are able to understand that you were the best variant of yourself at any moment of your life. It means forgiving yourself and everyone involved in your pain.

I often use the filth that a man can leave behind in a hotel, on the road, in the field, wherever he goes, as an example. Who cleans the road you went on? Who will heal you of what hurts you?

If you do not care about the wound you leave behind. If you do not forgive others and yourself, why will someone else want to care about your wounds?

When you care about others, you care about yourself. It is a way you care about everything and All. And who will do it if not each and all of us?

Scars are the prints left by the thorns of life. These are the traces used by life to show us what we went through. Looking at them with love is learning from the pain of the wounds. It is a way of telling us that the unseen fire of love eases the pain and cares for the scars.



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7 thoughts on “Wounds, Scars and Love

  1. I like your reflection. I see it somewhat similarly. I can listen to a Chinese person for hours and I won’t understand him because his words are meaningless to me. I have not learned them. Likewise, the beautiful words you mention, love, compassion, forgiveness, sensitivity, empathy, respect…etc. everyone can pronounce them, but they only become something alive, real and full of meaning when they are part of the person. José Luís Sampedro said, in one of his works, that only those who already have it burning inside can see the burning bush. If not, it is not seen. Or put another way, what we are looking for is only found if we already have it inside. The questions, the answers, arise from the same place. There is nothing external that in some way is not a reflection of the interior.
    Best regards.

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    1. I agree with you: “There is nothing external that in some way is not a reflection of the interior.” In my opinion, our external world is a mirror of the internal one.
      Thank you for your kindness and comment. You added a new author on my reading list: Jose Louis Sampedro.
      Best regards to you, too!

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