What are you doing? How are you? These are the questions we ask daily people we meet. Usually, the answer can be: I’m fine. I am very well. It could be better. Or they could be: It is not good at all. I wish I was not born.

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Your Truth or Mine?

Your Truth or Mine?

«It is not right! Wrong! You are lying! You do not know what you are talking about. You are a fool!» Your truth or mine?

We use many words to express our anger because the one in front of us does not believe our words. Maybe, we do it because his words do not agree with our truth. Yet, we want to prove to others that they do not know what we know. That we say something true, but they do not. I know that I am saying what I know, just as you know that what you are saying is true. Yet, sometimes we can not agree. Therefore, we argue and hate each other. We stop talking to each other for a while or the whole life. Maybe ignorance and pride will not leave us to accept that we have the right to different points of view. However, I tell my truth, you tell me your truth.… Which one is better? Your truth or mine?

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You, Me & Us

One day at the market a lady who was selling apples had two piles of them. In the beginning, it seems strange to see how the same apples, coming from the same apple tree are categorised into two piles: small and big apples. Then thinking, it is normal for it is what we do with ourselves. We are categorised as poor and rich, small and high in jobs and money. Actually, it is the way we have been separated in you, me and the rest of the world. 

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