Ride the Waves

Heavenletter #5834

Published on: Noiembrie 14, 2016

God said:

When you live every moment of your life as the moment it is, you know every moment that occurs as precious. Otherwise, there is a tendency for you to dally with your take on Life – a tendency to, in effect, take a slow-motion picture of Life.

When you analyze excerpts of Life backwards and forwards, when you analyze what occurs, you are not experiencing Life any longer, for then you experience Life on pause. You have put Life aside, so to speak. You experience your preoccupation with Life. You may be fraught with Paraphernalia of Life at a distance from Life itself. Analyzing Life is not the same as living Life.

If you just lived Life as it comes, you would not have irritation, annoyance, franticness, being out of sorts, etc. nor would you have the need to defend your displeasure. You would be Pure Being in love with Life as it flows to and fro. You would live the Truth of Who You Are. You would not contemplate yourself as if you are only an Object of Life when you are Life Itself. You wouldn’t be caught up in the throes of anxiety. You wouldn’t wonder what is the matter and what you must do about it. If you were not trammeled with your simulated dissection of your Life, you would adore Life as it delivers itself. You would not be so puzzled by it. You would live Life on Earth more in Living Color. There would be no more dirges.

There is a tendency for My children to reheat Life and speculate about it. There is the tendency to try to figure out Life, as if you have to have a summation of Life when Life isn’t something you can quite put your finger on.

You try to beat the clock. You want to tick-tock Life and make your Life run through gauntlets of contrivance when Life is meant only to run free. You may tend to make Life an Opinion of Life, a one-line statement when the sum and total of Life is Love.

Love, and you will be free. You won’t spend your Life on rating it. Rating your Life is judging your Life and judging yourself and others.

Will you kindly just love every squeeze of life? Kindly just love yourself and be done with any vestiges of prejudice against Life. With prejudice, this Miracle of Life becomes down-cast.

Rather, take a ride with Life. Whether your Life goes uphill or downhill, you are on a ride. Your life is a non-ending ride. There is nothing you have to hold onto. Sit back, and, by golly, enjoy the ride when your ride is fast and when your ride is slow. The point is to enjoy Life more than to collect and interpret it. Live Life. Give Life your accord. Life is a treasure, yet not a treasure that you pin to the wall as if your Life amounts to no more than a calendar.

You, yourself, are greater than what you make of this that is called Life. You are the One Who Lives Life. You don’t have to finagle Life so much. Life is not a race you must get out of breath for. Is Life meant to be a conclusion you draw? Is Life to be figured out before you can let go of it?

What if you give Life permission to go its merry way, and you will simply love Life more than you accumulate it?

What is this impulse to be in an uproar about Life and whip it into shape as if your very Life depends upon it? Life is inviolable. Life is a Journey on the Terrain as you traverse it. Life is no less. Of course, Life is far more than you credit it. Now you are beginning to credit Life more by letting Life sail on its voyage as it does.

Life does not have to placate you. Life is not in debt to you. Life is not obliged to be something it is not. Life is forever, beloveds. Life is always with you. You can release your hold on Life.

Ride the Waves of Life, and say to Me with a smile: “God, this is good.”