4 Less Talked about Golden Rules for Manifesting

4 Less Talked about Golden Rules for Manifesting

Bridget Prütz 
April 5, 2018

We are now more than ever seeing the word manifest in the online spiritual and wellness space, but we are also seeing a lot of confusion and misconceptions.

The thing is, we are all manifesting every minute of every day. There is no special way to do it, and there is no On or Off switch. If the word manifest doesn’t resonate with you, think of it as consciously creating. We are always creating our reality, just not always consciously. The idea of manifesting is to intentionally create that which we desire.

We all have different goals, dreams and desires, but essentially we are all searching for the same thing: happiness. Not just surface-level happiness or the I’ll-be-happy-when-type happiness. But the happiness that is a sense of inner peace, living in alignment with our passions, and the happiness that is loving ourselves unconditionally and knowing we are enough.

Unfortunately, many believe this kind of fulfillment is a myth or unrealistic, and I too spent many years settling for average and believing that true happiness was reserved for the lucky few. But that’s not the case, we make our own luck and we all have a choice.

We can carry on throughout life thinking that life is happening to us, or we can understand that life is happening for us and grab it by the horns and choose to make the most of it.

My late teens and early twenties were a time of self-destructive behavior, alcohol abuse, miserable relationships, food-addiction and zero self-esteem. All trying to fill this void I didn’t even know that I had. My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health was suffering, and I most certainly wasn’t thriving. It was a roller coaster of quick fixes and mistaking happiness for what I considered as fun.

As many of us, I was a settler. I settled for average in all areas of my life, and had convinced myself that it was enough, but deep down I longed for more, and a part of me truly believed it was possible.

Like most stories of personal transformation, my journey back to inner peace started when I got sick and tired of my own BS and realized I was the only one who was responsible for my health and happiness.

I was lucky to grow up with a mother passionate about holistic health, and from a young age, I learnt about mind-body connection and that it is up to us to create our desired reality. So with the lessons instilled in me as a child, I slowly but surely started to consciously create the life I knew I deserved and desired.

In four years, I lost 20kgs, met and married a man beyond anything I could have imagined, found my purpose, studied towards my passion and created a business out of it. I moved countries twice and traveled to nine others, but most important of all, I learnt to love myself and my life unconditionally. I found inner peace and learnt to live in a way that fulfills me. In a nutshell, I found happiness.

I don’t share this to say Look what I’ve done, I share this because I genuinely believe regardless of our current situation or our past mistakes, if we are invested and committed to ourselves, we can stop living life on autopilot and consciously create the happiness that we deserve.

So how did I do it? The following four practices are what I have found to be the most effective techniques. These are the practices I did, still do, and help my clients with, to manifest dreams and desires.

1. Feel the emotion behind the desire.

Emotions are simply energy in motion. Not only are our emotions giving us masses of information on the daily, it’s this emotional energy that is our manifestation power. When there is enough energy, it creates matter, and like attracts like energy. So our thoughts create emotions, and emotions create our inner and outer world.

If we wish to think our desires into existence, we need to direct our emotional energy. Feel the emotion behind the desire. What would it feel like to already have this? What emotion is directly linked to this desire?

I love to create a daily practice out of this, especially with headphones and meditation music, and spend at least a few minutes every day thinking about what I wish to create in my reality and embody the raw emotion behind already having it.

2. Thoughts, words, action.

Creation is a three-step process, and the first step is thought. Everything we have created in our life was a thought first. If there is a difference between where we are right now and where we wish to be, our thoughts, words and actions must change.

To see the manifestation of our desires, we must move away from self-deprecating thoughts, words and actions that aren’t in alignment with what we wish to create, and move towards thoughts, words and actions that support our desired reality.

It helps to monitor our thoughts, and if they contradict what we wish to create, we have the power to choose again until we create new thought patterns. We have trained our minds to often think the worst is possible for us, however, with discipline, we can train ourselves again to think and believe the opposite.

3. I am…

The words I am  are two of the most powerful words, because what comes after them is directly linked to our beliefs. These two little words will tell our body and mind what to do and be, therefore what comes after them can often reflect our reality.

We may not realize how often we say these words, but if we can become more aware of when we say them and what comes after them, we can become more aware of what beliefs need to change.

When we make I am statements, we affirm and create. Putting positive empowering words after I am isn’t ignoring the negative emotions or our current beliefs, it’s a way of remembering our truth, our potential, our natural state of being, and declaring to ourselves and the Universe this is what I desire.

4. Internal vs external.

Often when we wish to create a positive change in our life, our external desire is stronger than our internal belief. We want it, but deep down, we don’t actually believe that it is possible or that we are worthy of it. Manifesting must include belief.

We find it so easy to believe many unfortunate incidents are possible for us, yet we find it so hard to create a strong belief that we can attract positive circumstances too.

Rather than focusing on manifesting something outside of ourselves, it can be helpful to focus on the inner work first. Creating confidence, clarity and joy from within. Deciding how we wish to feel, who we wish to be, and work towards cultivating a strong sense of inner peace and a solid belief that we can all create what we desire and we deserve it.

When we do the inner work, everything else falls into place. Opportunities present themselves to help us create what we wish and be who we really are.

What manifesting is not

Manifesting is not about ignoring the obvious hardship and circumstances in our life, but changing our approach to them and creating clarity around what we wish to have, be or do.

It’s not about solving problems or having a challenge-free life, but rather creating what we desire, choosing how we wish we feel, and moving through adversity with ease and grace.

It’s about not falling down the rabbit hole of self-destructive thoughts and actions, and cultivating a deep understanding that this too is only temporary.

It’s about making the decision to choose a more empowering thought, word or action, because a situation can only improve when we become conscious of the thought behind it.

It’s working on ourselves for ourselves.
Bridget Prütz 

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