Where is the LOVE That Heals the Hurting People?

Where is the LOVE That Heals the Hurting People?

Caitlin Climes
April 6, 2018

The seeker stood on the edge of the mountain, shouting into the abyss.

“Why is our culture centered around exploiting the Earth?”

“Why aren’t people being stopped in these unsustainable pursuits?”

“Where is the love that heals the hurting people?”

The seeker demanded answers.

Answers that would solve these deeply difficult and yet seemingly simple questions.

The seeker shouted, pounded their fists on the soft soil of the mountain’s peak, and shook in rage.

And then, after days of this storming despair, there was stillness.

A beautiful stillness, one that can only come after the tears of a thousand years surface from the depths within.

And there in the stillness the truth lay, amongst the dirt and tears of the seeker’s hands.

There was no answer, there was no solution, there was only what was.

The Earth spoke softly to the seeker in this stillness.

It whispered the radiant and heartbreaking truth.

There is a collective story of human history. Decisions made thousands of years ago that affect the society we live in today.

This can be despairing until you see that you are now the person whose actions will dictate what the society looks like thousands of years from now.

The hardest truth to come to understand is that you will be working towards something you will most likely never experience.

You’re working towards a better world in which the people who come after you will experience less pain because of your tears.

And if you can relieve the burden, years from now, from a person whom you’ll never meet, will you choose to do it?

This is the choice you are given.

In a sea of chaos, destruction, fear, and pain, will you choose the greater life? Not for yourself, but for those who follow in your footsteps? The ones that will come after you and stand on this mountain?

Do you want them to stand here in this same pain, or do you want them to stand here in gratitude for the work you’ve done?

I ask these questions because you are a part of this story, whether you want to be or not.

Will you choose the greater life, or wallow in the despair and misery you’re surrounded by?

I’ll always be here to return to, but you and your people are in jeopardy.

Will you be a guide of the future or an anchor of the present pain?

I hope one day we will all gather together on my peak and rejoice at the rising sun, without the throbbing heartache of a fragmented world.

I hope one day the pain of the present will be transformed into the joy of the future.

At this, the seeker rose from the ground and looked out at the refracting light across the valley through heavy tears.

As the sun set, a place within the seeker’s heart opened, one that was wider than the ocean and more vast than the cosmos.

The heart of the seeker understood that this journey would be long, but it would be good.

And with this deep knowing, the seeker carried the message of the mountains back to the people.

A new story would begin to unfold.

A story where people began to show respect and gratitude for the Earth again.

And as the Earth began to heal, so too would its people.

Caitlin Climes

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Manuela@inaloveworld <3
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13 thoughts on “Where is the LOVE That Heals the Hurting People?

    1. Everything you said is so true! Compassion and awareness are the keys of a Love world. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment!

  1. Dear Manuela

    we really need a change. This world is already mind-polluted, with negative thoughts, words and deeds. To bring millions of different experiences and level on the same level seems impossible, but if there is one, true to himself and others, true to God, he can spread some of the perfume of the universal truth to all getting in contact with him or her. Our society is spoilt: they still teach to give food to the ego instead of giving food to needy people and our souls. We need strong and noble values to live with and a change can only happy with each of us. The more people change themselves to the better in non-violence even in their thoughts, the better the society can adopt those new values of love and respect, oneness, responsibility and awareness how we have to educate our children, to be examples for them.

    May there be light also in those who are now agressive, violent, bound in their bad habits to go to roots of the evil: that is our own mind that causes this chaos in this world.

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend

    1. Thank you dear, Didi! We really need to see our inside light and after that we can see everyone’s light for all people are worthy. For me, there are not good and bad people but people who did not find they are worthy. As you said, “our own mind causes this chaos in this world” and we cannot changing the world judging or blaming others, but changing our own thoughts about others and the world.
      Thank you for your visit and comment!
      Have a nice weekend, too! 🙂

      1. Thanks, dear Manuela 🙂
        My Master used to say: There are no bad people, only bad times… and according to Jesus Christ: “He loves the sinners but not their sins…”
        Have a great time.
        In thankfulness

  2. Thought-provoking post. Coming from a Christian perspective I see things a little differently. While I believe we cause a lot of the evil in the world. I believe in an evil being that is responsible for corrupting our hearts, minds and world. But according to Joel 2, God will one day pour out his spirit in all flesh and we will be more in tuned to the will and love of God. Our world will drastically change.

    This doesn’t mean that we don’t take ownership of our actions. One of the biggest problem with the world (in my opinion) is impatience. We don’t have patience for our children that learn differently or slower (autism, bipolar, add, adhd, etc.), our ailing parents or grandparents suffering from alzheimer’s or dementia, animals grazing and crops take longer to produce long-lasting plentiful results, among other things.

    But this post inspired me to not let my faith background shape me too much to not make a change, because to quote Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Amen.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. So true! From my point of view, when we do not let our faith background shape us too much, I mean not judging anybody for anything, we can see we are all human beings with the same birth rights.
      Thank you for taking your time to read and comment!

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