Learning to live the unconditional Life

The Event: Learning to live the unconditional Life

by Vera
Apr 6, 2018

The shifts happening at the moment are beyond anything we have seen and experienced before. Many are waiting for “the Event”. The current energies are challenging yet again. Nevertheless, the potential for quantum leaps into new earth has never been bigger.

“The Event is coming.” We read it everywhere. And it is true, the potential for big shifts is off the charts. Yet, the event is an inner event that manifests in our reality. Only when we have found our inner balance and have worked through and transcended all of our ego-patterns and “shadows”, our reality and experience will be different. The energetic corridor we are in, offers this potential. So… it is another paradox. As long as we are waiting for “the Event” to happen to shift us into a new reality, it won’t. As long as we are waiting for something outside of us for our salvation, it won’t happen. Only when we do not expect an outside event to shift us, but we focus on our inner work, it will. Because the inner drives the outer, not vice versa.

No more compromising on our Essence

Respect. That is the word of this NOW. We are learning what it takes to truly be respected by others as it is the basic ingredient for all co-creation to come. And that means to learn to respect ourselves first. Only then we can manifest the respect of others.

A common ego-strategy to gain respect from others out of fear, is to be arrogant. We are judging others, we set rigid borders, we come up with rules and we put on masks of the “Mister know-it-all”, to hide our feeling of imperfection and of not being good enough. This gives us the illusion of controlling the situation and not having to look into our fears. We are building up a façade, behind which we are making us smaller than the others, giving them the illusion of being bigger and smarter. We love the perpetrator mode, when it gets too much. But in the end, we are just trying to satisfy our ego-need of attention and appreciation from outside of us. We are compromising our essence.

Another common ego-strategy is to play the pleaser. We are giving ourselves away, we blame others for our misery, and have no boundaries at all. By making it right for everyone and showing full effort to perform in a way that everyone feels good, we are wearing the mask of the martyrer, who is relentlessly busy with making everyone happy and healing the world and everyone around us. Everyone but ourselves. We love the victim mode when it gets too much. Also behind this mask, we are making ourselves smaller than the others, giving them the illusion of being compassionate. But in the end, we are just trying to satisfy our ego-need of attention and appreciation from outside of us. We are compromising our essence.

“So we see: Whether perpetrator or victim – the energetic frequencies and needs are the same. The strategy to get them fulfilled is different.”

So, we see: Whether perpetrator or victim – the energetic frequencies and needs are the same. The strategy to get them fulfilled is different. None of the strategies is successful, because they always lead back to inner emptiness. As long as we do not learn to fulfil these needs from within ourselves, we will continue to go through these spirals. When we compromise our essence, we are sabotaging ourselves. It is key to work through the old patterns. Allow them to be there, do not judge or blame yourself or others, find the perspective where you can see the purpose and feel the gratitude for it, and follow the energetic impulse what your system wants to do with this energy to process it.

The moment we learn to respect ourselves, and let the masks drop, we turn arrogance or the people pleaser into a healthy form of pride. Being proud of ourselves from our heart. Self respect and self-love. We are fully anchored into our essence and no longer compromise on our essence. Instead of creating borders out of fear, we set healthy boundaries out of love. We own our stuff, and take responsibility for our own energies and patterns. There is a big difference whether we close down or stay open. Staying open means to accept what is and where people are without any judgment, blame or expecations, and yet be clear on our wants, wishes and desires.

“We learn to clearly state what we want and what we like. We are creating our own energetic container, and our own energetic golden thread that serves as a compass for others who come into our field.”

We learn to clearly state what we want and what we like. We are creating our own energetic container, and our own energetic golden thread that serves as a compass for others who come into our field. We are learning to formulate our values and our personal constitution in all different areas of life, whether in our job, our relationships, our family, our health, or our home. By being very clear and open about our wants and wishes, we give others the opportunity to make a choice based on that information provided: Do they want to commit to this and be part of it, or not.

This has nothing to do with creating limiting rules or regulations and it is not about having any expectations towards anyone. It is nothing but setting a healthy base frequency from which we create and co-create with others. It is an invitation to join for those that resonate with it. When we learn to be very clear with our energetic container and our values, we truly respect and value ourselves and our own space. And that is the basis for being respected and valued by others.

We are now reaching a point where it is no longer possible for us to compromise ourselves, and to make ourselves small and to act according to other’s expectations. It becomes downright uncomfortable and way too painful when we do.

Triggers vs. not resonating

There is a big difference between being triggered, and trying to avoid an experience or simply not resonating. We often tend to not want to look at our “shadow side”. Now with the new lightcodes coming in, the triggers are becoming so intense that we do not have the chance to still look away and ignore the fear patterns which are still stored in our system. We often use the excuse of “it does not resonate” when we don’t want to get involved into something that actually triggers/scares us. And those are things that keep showing up in our awareness until we look at it. If we are honest to ourselves, then we recognize when actually something indeed does resonate parts in us that we don’t like. Our protection pattern is to shut down and ignore, run away or fight against it. A trigger comes back and shows back up in our energetic field until we are brave enough to take it, accept it and process, using the emotions that are coming up. Acceptance = Surrender = Letting go = raising personal frequency.

Whereas ‘not resonating’ is very different. When something does not resonate, it simply does not resonate. We do not feel it, and it is out of our energetic field and awareness -we have forgotten about it the next moment.

Co-Creation and Money

Co-creation is only possible with the mentioned containers and golden threads. These have important intersection points, like fixed stars, that are giving the direction and character of the own, authentic base frequency. The soul song.People come together to co-create with frequencies that resonate with each other, they are creating another joint container and golden thread they commit to. Like an orchestra. Between those fixed stars, there is all the space for individual freedom and letting energies flow, dance, unfold, and manifest.

A lot of people in the ascension process are experiencing being at zero with their monetary funds. That causes tons of frustration and the sensation of unfairness and hopelessness. “How should I contribute and create if I don’t have any funds available?” This is a normal part of the process and supports us to learn that abundance is not about money, but about love and community. That money is not a survival tool but a creation tool. When we give and receive money as an energy of respect, love, appreciation, unity and valuing of each other and the work we do, we are in a completely different energy than when we give and receive out of lack and mistrust, i.e. expectation. Of course that is only possible when we value and respect ourselves and our essence and when we trust that we are always provided with what is needed in this NOW moment.

It is part of the process to let go of the old beliefs around money completely to be able to create from love and invest into things with purpose instead of into things that make us feel safe.

This helps us to trust that we are ALLWAYS safe and that we don’t have to have a big savings account and lots of possessions to feel safe.

“We come with nothing and we go with nothing – why making such a big fuss about it in between?” Osho

Yes, we need tools to create with purpose, and they will always be provided when purpose is there. But we don’t need an accumulation of possessions and money to serve and contribute. Clinging is not part of the flow, it is an ego-program. The flow is a natural movement following the universal rhythm. We can observe it when we observe our own heart-beat or our own breathing. Clinging would be stopping the heart in its beat-point or our breathing in the point when we change from inhale to exhale or vice versa. Obviously that is not healthy, not in balance and not in line with nature and the universal heart beat and flow. We are in a permanent flow of contracting and releasing, of chaos and focus, of being and doing. So isn’t it the most natural thing to just have the patience for the next natural impulse to come?

Community and Abundance

Abundance starts from within. A community that cares for each other and lives in unity based on full trust is what provides us with abundance and freedom. As long as there is a form of mistrust, we cannot experience unconditional life. And we are growing into that idea of what it means to live unconditionally. Community and freedom comes with responsibility. That means to own our energy, thoughts, feelings and creations/manifestations and commit to a joint energetic container and values.

Someone who is committed to a project or community will keep the “own house” clean, and contribute without needing the extrinsic motivation of money. Life on new earth is no longer about survival, it is about enjoyment. Our last inner control mechanism are triggered in such a strong way to completely transform them. They literally are dying as they will no longer be needed.

Building Bridges – from Healing to Empowerment

A lot of people are confronted with big shifts in their work life / mission. All of a sudden, the old way does not work anymore. The time of healing work is over. It will no longer be supported and will no longer work to offer services that heal others, as this means to take the power away of people. Making others dependent of a certain method, service or teaching is an outdated 4th dimensional energy, that has no universal resonance field any longer. This timeline has been deleted. We can observe now everywhere how “spiritual kingdoms” are falling apart. Only what supports people in discovering their own power to come back into wholeness and inner balance will be supported and will work effortlessly. Just as with the money topic, we all have to look honestly into the mirror and ask ourselves if we are giving and receiving from a place of love, respect, unity, value and appreciation, or out of a need that we try to fulfil from outside of us, because we are not able to create it from within.

“The new way of working is building bridges”.

The new way of working is building bridges. It is not the purpose to just create a little 5D bubble exclusively reserved for a couple of enlightened ones that look down to the lower dimensions and feeling more superior than others. No, everything we did to arrive here served to prepare us to build these bridges for the masses to follow. These bridges need to be easily accessible for people that are still in lower frequencies. They need to work with things that people know and can relate to, such as the physical body, the senses, art, music, dance etc. They need to be down-to-earth and easy to understand. They need to offer explanations for the rational mind to understand, so that people are willing to give this bridge a try. And of course they are even more appealing when they include playfulness, fun, and adventure.

Body Upgrades at lightening Speed

As our whole body shifts to be able to process, contain and embody the 5th dimensional frequencies, it needs to restructure completely. The new light codes are rewriting our DNA. That happens by itself. I have written about this process in earlier blogs many times. We are shifting from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline structure. We all know, when we want to change structures, we need to break the old structure first before the new can form. When the old structures break open, old outdated information comes to the surface: The ego-programs. They play out once again like an old movie in our reality. The more we accept them, the quicker we dissolve them. This way, we make space for the new 5D programs.

Our body becomes lighter, less dense, all of our senses and glands are changed, our way of how we take in and produce energy is changing, we will need less and less food, our eyes will see more colours and higher frequencies, our ears will hear higher frequencies, our voice bands will be able to express higher frequencies, our nose will smell higher frequencies and we will be able to do a lot more things with the new light bodies. Step by step, unimaginable things like telepathy, teleportation or bi-location will become possible.

“Once the linear time-space continuum as we know it from the third dimension dissoloves, and we shift into quantum parallel experiences, anything is possible in every single moment.”

Once the linear time-space continuum as we know it from the third dimension dissolves, and we shift into quantum, parallel experiences, anything is possible in every single moment. We have infinite possibilities available and accessible and can manifest them easily by learning and integrating another paradox: Setting an intention and then forget about it. The more our linear mind is transformed into a parallel mind, the easier the forgetting and thus the manifesting will become. And again, this requires to shift the remaining ego-programs that are triggered and are showing up now that come from the cellular memory.

So, in short: We are learning to no longer compromise ourselves and our essence. And the more we do, the more our fear-based identity, which was based on lack, mistrust and fear (in the past and future) is transformed into a new love-based identity, which is based on abundance, trust and love (in the now). Once we mastered this shift, we are living the unconditional life naturally. No methods, no exercises, no meditation needed. Life becomes a meditation when you are present in the now full-time. It becomes effortless.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg

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  1. I have literally felt the cells in my body changing as I heal and today I realised I am lighter. There is a lot to this powerful energy of shift that one can only become intuitively aware of. Healing does need to happen from within.

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