Energy is Everything, and Everything is ONE

Energy is Everything, and Everything is ONE

Megan Mulligan
April 9, 2018

Everything has an energy, and each energy carries a vibration. It’s a simple idea, the complexity of which is overwhelming!

The notion encompasses literally everything we do and touch in the space of interactions and energy fields. Look at a blade of grass or the sun, and they carry an energetic vibration. You meet a person, and they carry an energy too.

In that way, in its simplest form, this is how we’re all connected.

Now, if you’re like me, and were at some point unaware of this energy exchange, you may have become accustomed to absorbing the energies outside of yourself unconsciously. As a healer and an empath, born this way, my first instinct was to start healing and taking on the emotions of those around me.

And emotions carry energy too.

So this is how, as one walks the path of awareness and becomes more and more woke, we can start to investigate the experiences around us, and the energy they also carry inside. Because once we’re aware of what’s external and what’s not, we become more and more discerning of what belongs to us and what doesn’t. Ultimately, we are able to strip all external things aside, and vibrate at our truest inner essence.

This excavation process runs deep. The child, for example, thinks everything revolves around him or her, which is why unprocessed childhood traumas will often work their way through a young lens even when we are adults. The trick is to become aware of what we’re working with and through on an energetic plane.

You may have experienced some traumas as a youth, but the details are unclear. Don’t worry, the body will reveal what you need to know when you are ready. But even in the not knowing, there’s an opportunity to work with and process the energy of the trauma field.

So in all of this, as we work through the stuff we’ve experienced, the byproduct reveals riches: a higher-frequency vibration of our own energy, a return to our true self. And since our vibrations rise as we heal, the energy of the things we attract does too.

In this energetic return to self, as we start to vibrate higher, it’s important to be aware when we are around lower-vibration places or people. Those experiences that feel contrary to our vibe. In a sense, they will consciously or unconsciously attempt to lower our fields to their level. You may feel trapped, anxious, or depleted in these spaces.

In these external relationships to people and places, it’s quite important to maturely recognize the experience and take responsibility. Even in lower-vibration situations, I am the one who has work to do. We are not victims. Rather, it’s our responsibility to learn and understand what resonates with us and how to keep our cups full, even when we’re around people and places who cannot meet us.

Mindfulness is the key here. Becoming so aware of who you are and how brightly you shine that literally nothing and no one can get you down. By staying connected to your heart and shining your light so brilliantly bright — on yourself — even the worst of situations cannot touch who you are.

This is a level of consciousness that comes with real self-knowing. In my experience, it takes unpacking all the boxes inside the figurative rooms of your soul’s house. Going to each one with tenderness and care so you can see what energy is really there in order to heal it. This takes patience and practice. Travel with ease.

Most of the time, I visit these spaces with trusted healers and those who have the capacity to hold me in focused presence, love, and light, holding space for my healing. Take so much care in whom you work with, for it shows an understanding of your very own energetic vibration and self-worth. You are worthy to occupy a space of the highest love and light, and to find those who can match it.

As your energy shifts, whom you are attracted to work with and spend time with may change too. It’s important to honor yourself and the different spaces you occupy while seeking those companions who see you and can hold space for you.

And remember, as you find yourself inside energy work, return to Mother Nature. Her pure love will clear your field and continue to lift you up without fail. Go visit her, place your bare feet on the land, and stand in awe of the true creation of nature that was birthed inside the truths of love and light. Let her raise your vibrations and remind you of the energy inside of yourself and of who you truly are.

Megan Mulligan

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  1. ecappard

    What a foundational truth! If only we can remember this when interacting with people of low energy. Always aiming to be the light and raise vibrations ✌🏾.

    1. I agree with you! We need to remember that all the time in order to be the light and raise out vibrations. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment! 🌈

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