How to Forgive Yourself


“Forgive” is a simple word and very much used. “Forgive me & forgive yourself” are simple statements we hear so many times on the path of the healing process. In the same time, they have deep implications within us, for forgiveness is not an easy process.

For me, it was not an easy process for I could forgive others and did not know how to forgive myself. I even did not know that deep, deep, within me, I was feeling guilty for many things from my life. Learning to forgive myself, I have been learning to love myself and others.

How to forgive yourself? Here are some steps to guide you along the way:

1. Look at Your “mistakes”

Every “mistake” can rise a fear inside you and it can be a way to look deep within you to see what you do not love about yourself. Any mistakes you made, they have been there to teach you lessons, for they have been your way of growing in who you are today. They have been there and are not or should not be there anymore if lessons are learnt.

See every mistake as a way of learning to walk through Your life, “arm in arm” with it. Live your life without regrets, for nobody can live it for you and nobody could do it better than you do!

2. Do not Worry

Yes, do not worry for you are not the only one making mistakes and there are no many people spending time to count them. Most of them are busy with theirs ones. Probably, you say you cannot stop worrying, for it is how you know to live your life – worrying for everything. It is the way I used to live, looking for the worst scenarios in everything instead of solutions and the best possibilities of everything. In that case, it is understandable that my life was built and lived in negativity, for it is what worry is about, and what I was believing in.

Worry attracts negativity into your life, while joy attracts positivity. You choose what to live, for what you give, is what you receive!

3. Do not Carry Pain

Usually, mistakes and worries are linked to pain. On the other side, pain is inevitable in our human experience, but you do not have to carry it with you along the life path, for the baggage becomes very heavy and needs space into body as disease and illness.  Accepting that pain as part of your life, you love it and pain can dissipate itself taking the tracks from your physical body with it.

Stop carrying pain and what you do not like, for the power over your words and actions is Yours!

4. Live in the Now

Do not live in the past! Understanding that the past cannot be changed, the future is what you make with your emotions and thoughts, you can start living your present. Focus on the things you like the best, spend time with people you love, enjoy nature in any form you like it, help you to live in the “now”, the only moment we all have it.

Live your life and be happy, now! 

5. Stand up for Yourself

Respecting and valuing yourself is standing up for yourself, telling “no” when you feel that way and following your soul’s desires. No matter what others tell you or how they see you. You know yourself the best and the respect and value you pay yourself is what you receive back into your life due to the energy you send into the Univers.

Respect and appreciate your life, respect and value Yourself! Stand up in Your own truth, for you owe yourself to Live your Life.

Do not go to bed without forgiving someone, and start with forgiving yourself, for forgiving yourself and choosing to love yourself are the best gifts you can give to you. 

“When we have opened ourselves to give forgiveness or to accept forgiveness we have opened ourselves to touch the Divine.” 
― Genevieve Gerard

My lesson: Never forget to forgive yourself, for the pay off of forgiving Yourself is self love, love of others, inner peace, health & happiness.

With Love,
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  1. What is most important for your future, and the future of those around you, is that you create a good relationship with yourself. You do this by forgiving yourself and building your self-esteem.

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