Out of the box


Who’s box? Yours or mine? My box is different from yours, it does not have the size and maybe the colour of yours ( 🙂 ), therefore, how do you know that I think in or out of the box?

We build the box for ourselves, through our own perception, experiences and acts, setting limitations and patterns of thinking.

What is thinking in the box? Is it my thinking as you want and expect me to do it or thinking as I feel, freely? Let me be clear, please. Thinking as you expect me to do it, I am thinking “out of the box”, and thinking as I want to, is thinking ” in the box”? Really??

On one side, when you speak and act as others want or expect you to do, you do not feel right within you, for you feel limited by someone else’s thoughts and expectations.

On the other side, thinking as you feel it, others consider you that you are not thinking out of the box, and in that way, you become an outsider for them, a rigid, stupid, an ignorant person, for you are the one who do not overcome their thinking limits. For them, you are thinking “in the box”.

1. Do I have to think like you do?

In my opinion, I do not and cannot do it, for I am not you and you are not me. We do not have the same experiences, and even though I will express the same ideas, my feelings attached to, are more or less powerful. For me, thinking in the box is like painting between some lines that someone else has drawn for you, and you are not allowed to overdo them, although there, inside you, your soul is crying to do it.

You do not have to think like me or see the things as I do them. Most people know and tell you this, and probably you have seen people being annoyed, many times, because you do not agree with them. Why? It is because you do not think as they expect you to do. You do not respect the pattern they have in their mind. However, thinking differently makes people feeling that is annoying of not having the same pattern of thinking, speaking and acting, of looking at the things.

In my opinion, thinking like you, is thinking between your limitations, is limiting my thoughts to certain things and patterns, a kind of not thinking at all. It is like a song on repeat, sung by you and me, with different voices.

2. Thinking differently? 

To think out of the box is like boundless painting, completely free, with no limitations set by someone else, no matter who he is, for you are the one who can set your limitsYOUR SOUL is your limit, meaning that even the sky can be limited, considering your soul grander than the sky! 

Thinking out of the box, you know each problem has more ways to be solved, and in case that one does not work, it does not mean that the problem has no solution. You just do not see it at the moment. It will appear when you are not attached of the solution you have thought about. You let the universe do its work and bring the best solution for you. In that way, we release ourselves because we are not connected to a certain way of solving the problem, to a certain solution, and most of the times the solution that is offered us is better than everything we previously imagined.

When I speak and act as I feel and think, I feel free. It is not easily, for we are taught to see the things in a certain way, to have a certain system of beliefs. Starting to speak and act in a free manner, you are open to what comes your way and not worry about what can happen, and making mistakes. You are not afraid of any consequences for you know that anything that is happening in your life has a reason for and brings lessons into your life. Letting go the fear of thinking differently, you can think “out of the box”, freely. 

“We must be free, but to have real freedom, you must be wild and free yourself.”
― Bryant McGill

My lesson: Thinking out of the box you become a free person, the person who you really are. It is not annoying you to think differently or listen to others’ opinions. To feel sad is annoying you, for you have not spoken or acted as your heart leads you, for you have not listened to Yourself to think “out of the box”.

With Love,
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15 thoughts on “Out of the box

    1. ilona madam

      We are all so different unique and special it is very difficult and we are free as long as our freedom doesnt effect freedom of other people❤️

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      1. my pleasure u write so well and with pure understanding of life i believe it’s the hardest thing to write about is learning and understanding the meaning and situations of every day living
        have a good one

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      2. You are right! It is learning and understanding of My life! 🙂
        Thank you very much for your appreciation and kindness!
        I wish you a good day every single day, Paul!


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