Your Wisdom of living a Happy life

Each of us is looking for “a splash of happiness.” When we do not find it, we feel sad and disappointed, and consider ourselves unlucky and unloved. We blame our partners for we see them responsible for our unhappiness. We blame our parents for not bringing us up as we think they should have done. Even children are blamed for not being what we were not or how we want them to be. We try blaming everything around us. Do those things make us happier? Is it the wisdom of living a happy life?

In my opinion, we do all the blaming because

Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn’t calculate his happiness.

― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Counting troubles

It is something we are taught to do. To live in fear of lack and blame everything around us, for nothing goes right for us. Yet, right for us is what the ego wants and how it wants it. 

When you love, you do not look for counting troubles. Loving, you see what is good and beautiful in everything. Then, You do not care so much about how our partner looks like, about his car and job. You see nothing that is not love.

You don’t love someone for their looks, their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.

– Oscar Wilde

A heart is like a woman

You hear that song, for it comes from your heart.

The heart is like a woman, and the head is like a man, and although man is the head of a woman, the woman is the heart of man, and she turns man’s head because she turns his heart.

― Peter Kreeft

The woman’s heart touches a man’s heart, but a man is equipped with the power of will. That is also turned by a woman’s heart. It is because

When the wife loves her man, she feeds him with willpower.

Luule Viilma

În those couples where the woman hates the man, he becomes weak, without power, and vigor. He takes refuge in drinking, working hard and spending time away from his loved ones as much as possible. 

You can see that kind of man in the couples walking on the streets. The couples where the man keeps a distance from his wife. Or she keeps him so close to her as she is afraid he is going to do something that will make her unhappy. She has to control everything about him, including his breath … In those couples,  the man does everything his wife wants not because he loves her so much. He has had enough arguments with her. Now, he does not find his power of will to leave her or change himself.

Body language

Usually, looking into someone’s eyes you can see if that person is happy or not. Even from distance, you might “read” signs of happiness or unhappiness from someone’s body language.

Luule Viilma also says:

Look at your partner’s back and you can see your feelings. “If his back is straight, powerful, beautiful and exciting, it is because of your love. If the back is bent, weak and sick, this means that his wife does not love him enough.”

He is not happy for you are not happy. If you are not happy he is not happy. It is like a circle and you can break it changing the way you live. You can follow your wisdom. It belongs to your heart and following that you are happy and make happy people around you. Therefore, when you love, you know self-love and love for others.


Loving others is respecting and loving yourself and the human being you are.  How can you do it? 

Look into eyes and see the beauty eyes reflect. Love everything you look at.

Loving people is not being in a specific relationship, as being alone is not being unable to love. 

My life taught me that is is not painful to be alone. It is a way you chose to know yourself. It is also a way of listening to the silence of your soul. Doing that you might find that you are the person you should believe in. Moreover, you owe your life to yourself. Should not you live it happy?

I have also been taught to go within to see what I feel. In the beginning, I found a lot of pain, for I was considering myself unworthy and imperfect. My inner child was afraid of making mistakes and looking to make everything perfect for not disappointing parents, relatives or friends. A child who had to learn that he is good and perfect as he is in his perfect imperfection. To understand that everyone makes mistakes for learning to live in this world. Moreover, I developed my defending system that silence is better than talking, and trying to be perfect might make me better than others. 

You truest wisdom

My life lessons have taught me that the wisdom of living happily is not in my external world. It is not in someone or something else. It is not in trying to be perfect, in suppressing ego, anger, and hatred. Understanding them, looking for their roots and following your heart, you can live a happy life.

I have been taught that

  • Everyone is born being worthy
  • Nobody is better or less good than anybody else. 
  • You can stand up for yourself 
  • You can Love yourself 
  • There is beauty everywhere.   
  • Love is all and everything is possible with love.

Following the wisdom of your heart, you can achieve your happiness. You only have to stick to love, for

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

– Charles Dickens

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With Love,

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32 thoughts on “Your Wisdom of living a Happy life

  1. Until we get happy by inside we always in pursuit of happiness.. Iove and happiness with yourself is the Contentment of life 😊 😊 great thought 👏👏👏


  2. Maria Daniela

    Thank you very much Manuela for the wisdom
    of your wonderful Soul shared with us!
    Infinite Blessings and Love for you and for all !
    ❤ Namaste ❤


  3. I loved your article very much. It is very profound and it contains so much wisdom. Have an amazing day, Manuela!
    Mi-a plăcut acest articol foarte mult. Este foarte profund și plin de înțelepciune. O zi minunata!


    1. Thank you so much for your read and appreciation, Mihaela!
      Have an amazing day every day!
      Îți mulțumesc din suflet pentru lectură și apreciere, Mihaela!
      Îți doresc ca fiecare zi să îți fie minunată!


  4. Mi-au plăcut foarte mult aceste citate despre fericire -!
    Foarte profunde aceste gânduri. Exact așa și este, că până nu te poți iubi pe tine însuți, nu vei putea transmite iubire celorlalți, pentru că prima dată trebuie tu însuți să faci cunoștință cu ea..
    Superb, mi-a plăcut foarte mult <3!
    Am vrut să comentez și la cel anterior cu România, dar n-am putut, însă sunt foarte bucuros că am făcut articol despre enciclopedie și am putut să văd traducerea și m-am bucurat nespus, pentru că chiar îmi doream asta..

    Miii de mulțumiri pentru tot ce transmiți, Multe Salutari Manuela !!!


    1. Rectific, am greșit acolo că am selectat din grila de mesaje compuse, și nu m-am uitat pe ce am apăsat și am scris în loc de “ai” făcut articol, am scris “am” făcut.. Total eronat..
      Vream să zic că sunt foarte mulțumit că ai publicat articolul cu România (UNESCO) și așa am putut în totalitate să văd traducerea..
      Mulțumesc încă o dată, Mult !!!


  5. Hi, It has been only a few short months but it felt like a long time. Sorry, I missed your Sunshine Blogger Award post. Thank you for your kind words! It is quite true that everyone is the best. It was nice to catch up read your posts as always. Very meaningful! It is comforting as well. 🙂


    1. You are more than welcome!
      In my opinion, you should not be sorry, for everything happens just at the right time! 🙂
      Thank You very much for your kindness!


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