Sun Enters Taurus

April 19, 2020

Bill Attride

The Spiral Journey – Spirit-Life-Consciousness

After any beginning, after each moment of emergence, after each step you take into the next moment, having moved by your “Power of Presence” in the energy-form we call “Aries”, after that first will come the second, critical moment in your journey.

In each first step you are asked (and you will answer):

“Who are you?”

The question now, and perhaps it is even more mystical and more mysterious than “who” is this challenge:

What are you?

Many wise ones consider this question of life as more profound than the first. Yes, after you consider the “who” of you, there comes the “what”. But that begs the question:

“What is the what?”

Today we move into the realm of Taurus, this is the next step in your journey which is equally your awakening, and you should take some time to consider this essential question:

What is my true self-worth; what is the value of me?

It is a most challenging question. Perhaps more than being aware that you are aware, or experiencing your pure subjectivity, here you are trying to understand the substance of you. You are forming your first relationship, which is to your own true self. What are you are formed of really; what are your “bodies” or vehicles of being; what makes you “you”?

In Taurus, whether it is in terms of your entire being, or more specifically posed in that realm of your chart where Taurus is found, you will need to answer the question, “What is the Value of me?” Which will lead, inevitably, to a series of questions until you reach the “heart question”, which is, “what makes anything have value?”

If you follow this path to its true root source, (and you certainly will someday), you will come to the heart and soul of the question which is, “What makes any of this? What is behind Creation?”

The answer is found by both listening to your higher or intuitive self, and by finding confirmation in the teachings that have been passed down from long, long ago. According to the Ancient Wisdom, all of Creation is the manifestation of the ONE.

The One is the ineffable, known by many names which are but “placeholders” given our limited understanding. The experience of this, of the One, is truly unknowable or beyond our comprehension in our limited human form. But if you stretch your imagination, if you listen to the still, quiet, gentle and loving voice that is there within you, you will feel the truth within and see it all around you too.

You will know it because you see all the patterns and correspondences in the world around you. You will smile as you find the similarities between realms that are infinitely small and immeasurably large. You will know beyond knowing, you will apprehend, that there is something that is ordering and arranging this thing you call the Universe.

What do the teachings, these “Gifts of the Wise Ones” offer? Here is what they have preserved and passed down to help you remember:

There is but One Spirit, and all of Creation is formed by the infinite sparks of this One Divine Light. At the core of the most infinitesimal of things on up to the greatest of Hosts, there at the center of everything is the Monad, the Divine Spark. The One is like a Infinite Sphere, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

All of Creation is the Light of the One.

All the Cardinal Signs partake of this quality, forming the Essence of Spiritual Identity.

From this One, the Second Aspect of Creation comes into being, and that is LIFE. The One became the many, and Life began. Again, from the most infinitesimal to the planets, from the dust of the earth to the fullness that is space, in all the stars and galaxies, this Plenitude of Creation is also ALIVE.

All of Creation is the Life of the One.

All the Fixed Signs embody this quality, the Essence of Spiritual Life.

And, as Spirit now manifested as Life unfolded from the One, it was ever formed and informed by the Third Aspect of Creation, and that is CONSCIOUSNESS. Once again, from the smallest aspect of Creation to the whole of Creation itself, all of this is the Consciousness of the One.

All of Creation is the Mind of the One.

All the Mutable Signs move in this quality, which is the Essence of Spiritual Consciousness.

Here in Taurus you make your first attempt to understand the question of embodiment, the movement of spirit into forms. Spirit and Matter are the two fundamental aspects of life. Spirit is the highest form of Matter; Matter is the least degree of Spirit. Though “separate”, they are really part of the all-encompassing reality of the “One”.

Spirit “animates” Matter; Matter provides the vehicles or bodies of Spirit. These bodies or forms are “Ensouled Matter”, of Matter that is ensouled by Spirit. There are many forms, and many dimensions and realms of forms, but there is only One Spirit.

The hierarchy of forms in the human kingdom (which is much the same as all other kingdoms), can be very simply divided into three: Body, Mind and Spirit. But when you begin to examine more deeply, the forms of being become ever more differentiated.

One ordering would be into Seven: Physical Body or material body, Etheric Body or vital body, Emotional Body divided into lower and higher, Lower Mental Body or mortal mind, Higher Mental Body or divine mind, Buddhic Body or vehicle of illumination, Atmic or Causal Body. But there are even more esoteric teachings that finally understand the division of Creation into a Hierarchy of Spirit-Forms that number Ten, and ultimately are held as Twelve. (Which is quite interesting given that Astrology is one of the keys to the Ancient Wisdom and is also based upon the division of reality into twelve).

For you, these teachings may or may not hold much importance at this time. But what is most important for you is answer the question posed by Taurus, “what is the value of you?”

Throughout your life, you may find that your own hierarchy of value will shift and rearrange, with certain attributes, strengths and talents being more valued in one period, only to find that quite a different set and arrangement prevails at another.

Even day to day, you may feel yourself to be “on top of the world” at one moment only to find yourself shortly later to be quite not “yourself”, with a corresponding loss of value. Materially, this variation of your experience of your value or self-worth is real.

But you must know, or you will know one day, that this is also one of the great illusions that you are here to rise above. In your “holy of holies”, in the innermost sanctum of you, (and in all your cells and bodies too), at the center of you is the everlasting spirit that is the One.

From the beginning, unto the very end of this cosmic cycle, you are quite simply beyond any measurement. Yes, you are priceless, a spark of the divine who shines with the light of the Sun of all the suns, a light that will not fade, and will never diminish.

And wise ones have many names for this Light of the One; but truly and most wonderfully you will know it and feel it as Pure and Unconditional Love.

You are loved because you were made by unconditional love. You are made of love and that is why the value of you is immeasurable and perennial.

But then you will know, and you will smile, and you will turn to whomever is before you because you understand this fundamental truth about the nature of value; that all are made of this, all of Creation is the manifestation of Unconditional and Divine Love.

That is why we are here; we are here to be that love that we are.

We only need to act with this truth and wisdom, to feel the warmth in our hearts.

We turn to one another and bow to whomever is before us.

We greet them as our dearly loved ones.

That is why we say, in our thoughts and by our hearts,

“Namaste” (I bow to the Divine in you)

Bill Attride


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  1. Enjoyed this – Spirit is the highest form of Matter; Matter is the least degree of Spirit. Though “separate”, they are really part of the all-encompassing reality of the “One


  2. I agree.
    “That is why we are here; we are here to be that love that we are.

    We only need to act with this truth and wisdom, to feel the warmth in our hearts.

    We turn to one another and bow to whomever is before us.

    We greet them as our dearly loved ones.

    That is why we say, in our thoughts and by our hearts,”
    The above lines. I liked my dear friend, Be careful and be safe.


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