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A few days ago, I came across the link below. I watched videos. I read the free book I have received after registration with the site (Dr. Robert MALONE inventor of mRNA vaccines speaks out) and decided to tell you about the site.

In my opinion, for a problem you say you know its solution, you need to know both sides of it. It also means listening to people who have real experience treating it and have no financial interest in spreading that information.

Imposing one side on people is imposing what you see as your truth because you have financial benefits or you might be blind because of your ego.

Accepting just one side without listening to the other one is limiting yourself.

It is your/my human right to be informed about both sides. It is our human right to decide what we want.

Accessing the link below you have the opportunity to find out the other side of the news we are “fed” with.

Featured Experts:

  • Dr. Peter MCCULOUGH
  • Dr. Robert MALONE
  • Robert F. KENNEDY Jr.
  • Dr. Jack CRUSE
  • Dr. Thomas LEVY M.D., J.D.
  • Aleck ZECK
  • Dr. Bryan ARDIS
  • Zach BUSH, MD
  • Dr. David MARTIN
  • Dr. Paul Elias ALEXANDER
  • Dr. Joe MERCOLA
  • Dr. Lee MERRITT
  • and MORE

The video does not take too long to be watched. It is 5 min long and gives you a lot of information.

Featured image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay