Sing a Song of the Sea

Heavenletter #5836
November 16, 2016

God said:

No one wants to feel heartache. You want none of it. No one wants any of it, and yet you may be mired in heartache just the same. Where do you go from here?
There is no virtue in heartache. Not even one day or night of it is worthwhile for you or for anyone, nor for the world. How do you undo heartache, this contagious malaise that you may allow to drag you down, sometimes day after day, one day on top of another.
Let Us uplift the world at large. Let’s uplift all hearts and declare a new independence upon Earth. Be a sovereign independent soul who travels on Earth with a purposeful destination in mind and in heart. Let go of any sense of desolation you may crowd yourself with.
Come to the mountaintops with Me.
You are like the prow of a ship as it furrows through the sea. Always forward, you forge ahead through the Waves of Your Maiden Sea Voyage. You get your sea legs, and you deliver your wares.
When was a boat ever meant to pick up sludge along the way? It is for boats to sail the waters and calm the seas.
Each of you, My children, has your own bloodstream within you that is like your own personal ocean. Ocean waters are to be cool, and your bloodstream is to be calm as you buoy life for smooth-sailing.
Consider your personal voyage a Sail across the Waters of Life. You are like a ferryboat. Be an easy-going ferryboat while you are at it.
Consider everyone you meet as a passenger you pick up and drop off. You may have a passenger only once, or you may have passengers who get on and off every day of the week. To all you give a good ride. You make all favored to ride under your good agency. Your riders can ride on the deck. Above or below deck, the riders ride with you, and you sail along together.
Deliver your passengers safely through the Waves of Life.
Whether you are a charter boat, a cruise ship, or a paddle boat, whether you sail the seas or the rivers, you serve. You have a purpose, and a purpose that reaches beyond the shores you touch. Regardless, you are parked on land and buoyed on water to be of service to mankind. You are charged to make life worthwhile and offer sustenance and blessings to all the travelers and all the other boats you pass.
Perhaps you raise a mast. You raise a flag. You offer refreshment. You offer fresh air. Whatever you do, you are to raise the spirits of all who come near. You are the Host of Life at Sea. Whether your journey is long or short, you are hospitable to all. You salute. You salute all.
Salute life, beloved journeyers. Rev your motors. Lift those oars. You are a journeyer with a destination, and your destination, no matter what route you may take, is assured.
We can refer to Life as “along the way”. How you perceive your journey is your responsibility, and your journey is your doing. How you set out, through which lenses you look — well, it is like a menu you write out to order from. Order for all. Set the tone of your life and the lives of others. Be of good cheer.
What kind of a ship will you be? What kind of a captain will you make? Whose cheerfulness do you increase? What kind of voyage will you set out on? Which shores will you reach on your way? And where will you go next, and whom will you take with you, and whom will you drop off, and where?
Where do you set sail from? When do you return? Where are you going? Where have you been? Where are you right now?
Sing a Song of the Sea. Be a welcomer, and be a well-wisher. Be a hardy mariner.
No one goes on a journey alone. Give everyone a good send-off, and give everyone a good turn.

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