Today The Topic for Humans is Complacency…

Lisa Transcendence Brown

This is a common one that will become visible along the way. WE are not “allowed” to be complacent in anything, ever… yet our human aspect holds this energy still….

Recognizing our own complacency is huge, for it shows us who/what/when/where/how/everything WE take/took FOR-GRANTED, wasted and didn’t step up when we had the chance to. This is each’s opporUNITY to do it/all differently, from a MUCH higher vibration than before.

Where there is any complacency and taking things for-granted, SOMETHING will occur to show us….to stop us, to move us… into a reality where we do not do this anymore.

As each begins to truly understand, what being a MASTER and ALCHEMIST IS… it’s EMBODYING the energies of Pure Divinity and merging each of these inside, integrating them through our ENTIRE BEING, through every cell of our physical body and EXISTING from them…. ALL of the time.

Where we don’t hold these yet, then any energy inside of us that is “in the way” must be activated for a physical release.

Utter and complete profound sacred everything is how we function here. We SEE the GIFT in all things, we see what we DO have instead of focusing on what we don’t, we appreciate absolutely everything, every experience, we love from the depths of our souls, we hold light in all that we do, all that we speak, all that we transmit, all that we write… everything….. We are so grateful for every gift that we do not WASTE ANYTHING ever again.

Human aspects placed value on THINGS that separate them from themselves as PURE SOURCE LIGHT. They attach “need” to others, places, physical things, identities and these things dictate their happiness, their actions, their beliefs….. abundance is things…

Higher Self-Soul-Source Aspects focus on PURITY, love, unity, peace, contribution, support, purposes, kindness, consideration, compassion and what we are transmitting out to make a difference in ALL REALITIES, not just ours. Abundance is a non-linear-vibration RESPONSE to support us for what we do freely, AS A UNIFIED BEING OF LIGHT…..

Why we do things and what we do, is often mis-perceived by others who don’t understand yet. Their “go-to” is judgement and their own limiting beliefs….. that’s not ours to overcome, explain or deal with.

Each has a multitude of purposes here as a SOUL, a LIGHT BEING in physical form here. Each is to hold love, hold peace, hold unity with every breath and AFFECT THE PHYSICAL through presence and their own Expanded Super Consciousness here. Each is always called to step-up, always called to offer/do more, always asked to put their human’ness aside/dissolve the power it had, back into LOVE and DO what it takes to anchor higher consciousness existence in their own physical reality world.

Taking what is truly important for-granted and complacency, creates realities to “learn from”, to “teach each” what is truly important, and it is not what the human aspect “thought”. Each must go BEYOND their thoughts and delve into their FEELINGS, their own higher-self-inner guidance and honor what this shows them/tells them to DO.

The only way to LIVE ON NEW EARTH is to make it happen from inside of you. First, completely exiting the matrix, by floating in the ethers until you disconnect from the old distortions/distorted realities, until you let them fall away and re-focus your own energy on what is truly important and your own soul’s purposes here. As you expand into the other dimensions to SEE and UNDERSTAND again, you gain power inside to transcend the old and shift into a totally different dimension/timeline and THEN it’s time to start stepping-up, stepping into your own SOUL Purposes/Missions/Roles. You WILL have to put yourself out there, you will have to contribute fully, not what is just comfortable to your human aspect, but all of you, all that you have…. it’s time vibrationally to step into your own DIVINE MASCULINE and make a difference… and no, you don’t get to be complacent, hold back, go small, pretend to be unconscious anymore.

You don’t get to be a victim to anything, you don’t get to wait until others do it first, you become the WAYSHOWER for your own realities there, for all that you have access to, you are the ONE, as the entire UNIVERSE again…. You are totally responsible for everything that occurs. We do not take this LIGHTly, for that was human separation too. You will have to step into your fears, you will have to clear your own separation to come together, work together and CREATE A WHOLE NEW EARTH HERE. You can’t get here any other way. You float for awhile, becoming Higher Selves/Spirit/Souls again, but then you have to REMEMBER how to function in the physical, bring all that information/knowledge forth, share it and reach others hearts too. You have to learn HOW to live in a physical reality and be Spirit/Soul in physical form and adapt to being multi-dimensional and managing/Mastering every reality simultaneously. Another phase of our Embodiment here.

So, get ready loves, see where you are complacent, where you take for-granted, where you are not fully committed yet. These frequencies that come, they will SHOW YOU …. if you are truly open to seeing, understanding and embracing THIS WHOLE PROCESS fully…. and doing it easier… instead of the old ways of suffering, struggle and “needing proof to open your heart/mind/eyes to REMEMBER FULLY………

I love you! Get ready. There is soooooo very much more for all! Have a super magnificent awesome everything! The next gateway/passageway/initiation phase is beginning slowly right now. When it goes full-on, I’ll post. There’s tons going on energetically in the “background”. You don’t have to see it to know it and to maintain flow with all as one. Get that FIRE GOING yourself. Challenge yourself to find it, activate it, use it…. intentionally, creatively and inspiringly!

Lisa Transcendence Brown